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Interior Design – Design Homes Matching Your Personality

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Home design and décor involves portraying your identity. You need to be careful while designing your home interiors as you won’t want to end up buying the expensive stuff without getting the desired design. A well-trained interior designer knows how to make your home personalised beyond just the looks.

Making designs functional and creative counts most. So, if you are interested to learn about merging personality and home design but could not manage time, try enrolling into interior designing weekend classes available.

Here are some interior decoration ideas to decorate your house according to your personality. Read on to know more.


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Furniture & Lighting


To start with, the furniture and the lighting add functional value in the room. Home lighting is based on the purpose and tasks done in the room. If it is a study room, then it requires direct light. If it is a TV room indirect lights is apt for use.

Apart from being functional, furniture should not only match your overall theme that is based on your personality and personal choices. A good technical approach ensures a good arrangement in a proper home design. Take the measures for the desired furniture according to your floor plan.


Interior Décor

Room décor decides the mood of the house. If you want to have your room calm, resembling your bedroom, then choose subtle colours. Otherwise, apply live colours to furnishings.


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Colour Scheme


Colour scheme, just like choosing the décor of the room, should be chosen in accordance to your attitude and emotional needs. Remember the points mentioned below while considering colour patterns.


  • Keep background colour consistent with your basic mood.
  • Make sure the pattern colours match the background and are consistently regular.
  • Use regularly sized patterns if they go all across an area. If it’s one that is meant for just one space, try to add artistic element to it for better expression.


You can update your home designing skills with even an interior designing weekend course. If you are from Hyderabad, you can excel your designing skills by joining Hamstech’s interior designing weekend courses in Hyderabad.

So, next time you design home interiors, make sure it reflects yourself and your lifestyle.


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