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Interior Design Elements: Popular Designer Furniture Styles

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Whoever quipped that modern life is largely ‘designer’ said it right! Look around, and you’ll find a lot of people preferring designer stuff in garments, automobiles, homes and of course the furniture that goes into them.

It’s easy to notice that personalisation and brand allegiance have fast become common norms in a world where choice is a keyword of a normal lifestyle and hence essential consideration for commercial success. The more choices you give, the more success you get.


Interior designers work on the most desirable interiors with a great appreciation and focus on making the whole set-up a pleasant and affordable experience for the residents. This naturally also applies to interior accessories like furniture, the prudent choice of which makes highly elegant interiors possible.

There are furniture styles that are very identifiable but thoroughly studied at interior design courses at institutes like ours namely Hamstech. These styles make choices of furniture interesting and surely, a combination of styles can work wonders. The most prominent accessory used after lighting in interior designing, furniture can speak more and louder than many other articles as they are highly functional too.

Interested in knowing more about a few popular designer furniture varieties before doing any courses for interior designing? Here we go!

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Traditional Furniture

A good type to start with, this has more decorative influences and adherence to the classical format of furniture design. There’s a good use of wood and the furniture is embellished with carvings, curves and moulds, giving it a craftsman’s blend of earthy look and artistry. Grandeur is the glowing feature and hence, though simple in design, shall feature upholstery that’s made with fabric including silk, cotton and linen and other materials like leather and velvet. The colours of choice include shades of brown, white, off-white, deep reds and greys.

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Modern Furniture

Design choices pretty much straightened up and got refined with more focus on simplicity, geometric shapes and ergonomics in modern furniture. The class in this design category is defined by uncomplicated and unembellished formats and donning of neat patterns with neutral colours.

The materials used in making furniture are metal, plastic, glass and wood. The designs in this category are pretty straight cut in shapes and considerate of space plans in the interiors. The neutral colours featuring shades of grey, black and white comes into major use. The upholstery materials normally include leather, faux leather, vinyl and fibre.

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Art Deco Furniture

Look at them and you’ll clearly see a design with traditional elegance sans the embellishments. It is the best idea in furniture that brings out ecclesial design features marked by its formal nature with a display of luxury that don’t go overboard. The range of materials used in crafting this type of furniture include leather, ivory, lacquered wood and metals, mirrors, synthetic plastics, glass and resins.

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Contemporary Furniture

The most fluid design variety of all, contemporary takes current fashion and formats into consideration and blends it in liberal measures with a more modern style. So, even when there are curves, there are no carvings. Simplicity abounds this concept and geometric shapes predominantly feature the furniture. Colours used mostly include neutral ones like the greys, silver, black and white with glossy finishes. Wood, metals, glass and steel are the materials used and upholstery is made with leather, vinyl, microfiber and PU.

So, what’s your style? Does any of the above mentioned categories give you a bright idea about accessorizing your interiors furniture? We’re only happy you have started to consider.

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