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Interior Design Guide: Decor Trends for 2018

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Be it a new year or an upcoming festival, we all look forward to decorating our home in the best possible way. This is a time when our creative instincts come alive and we want to bring a new look and feel to the interiors.

However, interior designing may seem an easy career choice but it takes immense knowledge and creativity to come up with satisfying results. So how about experimenting with a fresh colour scheme this year.

Let’s take a closer look at the décor trends for 2018.


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It’s all about Greenery


How about bringing a little bit of nature into your home too? The best possible way to do it is to add a few indoor plants. You can add miniature plants on a vertical wall and make it look like a feature wall.


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Invent a Rich Colour Scheme


Grey is a neutral colour, however, it can be combined with a bright colour such as ochre yellow, violet or emerald green to create an interesting colour palette. You can also try out with two grey wall centered with a bright coloured wall in between.

It is very important to know what each colour signifies and this could be learnt in interior design classes. Colours play a significant role in our lives and can affect our mood and feelings. Using the right colour scheme can bring a positive effect in our everyday life.


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Enrich the Wood


Furniture is as important as colours on the wall. This year is about using dark furniture and letting go of pale and light coloured wood. Dark wood can really glam up your interiors.

Of late, furniture designing is very trending. Those of you who would like to gain specialisation in this stream can join an interior design institute. Right from basic furniture designing to new trends is taught in such classes.


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Metal Finish


Metal finish is what can bring a chic look to your interiors. Gold, brass and copper door knobs, handles, frames, light shades, etc. is what we are looking at. The metal finish adds a new look and feel to your interiors. So glam it up your way!

Use the above guide as an inspiration to decorate your interiors and let your imagination run wild this year!

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