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Interior Design Handy Tips- How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

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With the growing demand for spaces, a small space such as a studio apartment holds great value. Designing the interiors of a studio apartment can be a challenging task especially considering the limited space it has.

Designing a small space needs the expertise of an interior designer as the person would be able to justify every space efficiently. We may superficially have an idea of the space, but the actual detailing needs the advice of a professional.

Following are a few handy tips on how to decorate a studio apartment.


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Create Zones


It is very important to create zones. Defining zones helps lay your focus on the individual area. Get started by placing rugs or partitions so you know what each area is assigned for.

Interior designing is a creative subject that teaches a student the optimum utilization of space, be it small or big.


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Hanging Drapes 


Hanging long drapes gives the illusion of a tall ceiling. The closer to the ceiling the better is its look. Also, when choosing drapes, go with light colours as this makes the room appear spacious.


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Choice of Furniture


Choosing furniture according to the space is very important. Compact furniture is the key to breathable space.

Furniture designing makes an important topic of the interior design curriculum. In interior design classes, students are trained on how to design furniture, taking inspiration from history and surroundings.


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Experiment with Patterns


You can experiment with various prints and patterns. Right from florals to abstract prints, you have it all. Add a little drama to your studio apartment by either choosing a stunning wallpaper or a vibrant wall paint.


Use Mirrors


This may certainly be an old trick to create the illusion of space but it definitely works. Mirrors reflect light and therefore hanging oversized mirrors creates a spacious look. Assign a place to keep the mirror so it doesn’t hinder movement.

With these simple tips, you too can turn your studio apartment into a happy haven. However, the key here is to use your imagination to create a spacious environment with the best possible home décor available.


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