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Interior Design: How to Select Furniture for your Garden

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Your backyard is an extension of your home and serves as your personal getaway. As much as you would look for comfort indoors, you also need to create it outdoors.

When you are selecting furniture for your garden, you need to consider various aspects such as look, comfort and functionality. Every furniture is designed with a thought to provide maximum comfort and usage. For example, a bedroom will have furniture such as bed, side-tables, closets, etc. a living-room will have a sofa set, dining room will have a dining table and so on.

Furniture designing forms a major part of interior design subject. There are interior and exterior design courses that guide the student in making the right choice. It must be remembered that furniture for interior and exterior is not the same. Read this article to know how to select furniture for your garden.


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Estimate Your Space


Before you pick furniture for your garden, you need to first estimate the space and the shape. Understand if your garden is wide or narrow. If you have less space, go with a bar table set as it’s compact. Also consider leaving some space around your furniture for convenience.

In interior design, space planning is very important. Once the logic is understood, designing becomes an easy task.


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Determine the Furniture Placement


Furniture placement makes a huge difference. Wherever you place your furniture, do check your surroundings. However, before going ahead with the placement, there are certain factors to consider.

  • Will the placement hinder movement?
  • Is the furniture exposed to elements like sun, rain or is there an overhead cover?
  • Is the surface soft (grass) or hard (solid surface)?

Once these are understood, it becomes easy to place the furniture in the desired location. In interior design classes, topics on various types of furniture, their styles and designing gives an edge to learning.


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Check the Material


Since outdoor furniture is prone to unpredicted weather, it is important to determine a suitable material. Also the maintenance, care and budget are some of the things you will have to consider. Often short-term courses in interior designing gives students a clear idea of how and what kind of materials to select for outdoor furniture.

Furniture made from wrought iron and resin are durable as they can withstand moisture and heat.


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Focus on Comfort


Be it indoor furniture or outdoor, comfort is something that must not be compromised. There are few furniture that come with pillows and cushions, if not, you could make your own. However, make sure the material is resistant to fading and mildew. Rockers, recliners, chaise lounges are few furniture that you could opt for.


Consider Storage


When selecting garden furniture, keep storage in mind. Foldable furniture is something that could be considered. A decent storage space can prevent the furniture from wearing off. So as and when required, the furniture can be spread out and when not in use it has a safe place.

A close consideration of the above points could not only help you select the right furniture but also maintain it.


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