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Interior Design Ideas: How to Redesign your Balcony

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Many of us have seen breath-taking designs and structures of balconies in movies as well as at other people’s homes. Well, we have all envied and dreamt of creating one for ourselves too.

Just like any other area of a home, a balcony too holds a prominent place. It is that exterior space of a home which is often overlooked by most people. In a practical subject like interior design, a lot of attention is paid to designing exterior structures such as roofs, porch, sit-outs and balconies.

To know the different types of balconies and how to recreate your very own, read on.


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The ‘Unfinished’ Look


This look is low in maintenance and for this very reason is preferred by many. You can apply this look to your balcony by adding desert plants and industrial lights. Few accessories with a raw finish can really give you the desired look.

Accessories play a major role in revamping an interior. In interior design classes, accessory designing is something that students enjoy learning.


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The ‘Lounge’ Look   


The lounge look is one of the easiest to create. All you need is comfortable lounge chairs and a coffee table. If the space can accommodate a bar table and stools, you’ve nailed the look. You can fix string lights to brighten the area.

Learning about different light fixtures in an interior design course is an important topic of the course curriculum.


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The ‘Foliage’ Look


Green is always soothing to the eye and mind. Creating the foliage look in your balcony will make it look very attractive. An interesting collection of green plants, creepers and a water feature is all you need. With this, you can make your balcony the perfect place to unfold yourself.

With so many interior design institutes booming in the city, pursuing a course from a reputed institute would make all the difference. There are just handful of institutes that would impart training on trending interior design topics.

So, whatever theme you apply to your balcony, the rule of thumb is t
o keep it clean and clutter-free.


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