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Interior Design: Revitalization of Arts and Crafts

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Art and craft forms an integral part of interior design. Be it interior or exterior ambience, art is something that reflects individual style and taste.

Among the many periodic styles of interior décor, the Victorian style dominated the interior design world with its ornamentation for a long time. The Victorian era was known for its distinct style of art and craft.

Taking inspiration from this era, interior design underwent a series of changes. The focus shifted to clean, simple, functional and organic interiors. This also largely changed the perspective of present-day interior designers.

Such in-depth knowledge on the evolution of interior design can only be gained by pursuing an interior design course. Such a course is sure to introduce the revivalist trend that swept the interior design domain, leading to the designing trends of the present times.

Let us look at the revivalist movement that succeeded the Victorian era and learn how it influenced the interior designing style of the new generation.


Understanding the Essence


Understanding the essence of art and craft lays the basic foundation of understanding interior design. The Victorian style of art and craft was denoted by dark wood work, heavy furniture with embellishment and intricate carvings, heavy drapes and upholstery with plush fabrics such as brocade and velvet.

One can closely understand the principles of art and craft with renowned American architecture, interior designer and writer, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. He was the one of those who paved the road to the Art Nouveau movement. The Art Nouveau movement established the principle of art and craft defined by clean lines and ornate decoration.

Today, if one has to incorporate such a style, choosing modestly embellished furniture with good form and function should serve the purpose. However, keeping the dimension of the room in mind is essential before selection.


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In a typical Victorian style the wood was dark and furniture was heavily embellished with intricate carvings. The wooden artefacts showcased a rich look because of their texture and colour.

You can incorporate such a rich look by hiring a good craftsman instead of over-accessorising it. Wood is one of the most important elements used in interior designing. Any wooden accessory can look superior if crafted the right way. Among the many varieties of wood, oak is the most chosen, followed by maple and pine.


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Be it any art form, colour is a major driving force. Colour psychology is an interesting topic taught in interior design classes as it is one of the basics of the subject of interior design. The outside ambience (nature) can be a major inspiration for colours. The lush and rich hue of nature offers a wide choice of colours such as brown, green and yellow which can be incorporated. These colour choices have been increasingly focused on once the evolution of interior design started to drift away from the overly gaudy Victorian style.

You can pick warm hue to bring more energy your interiors. A themed look can be achieved by using wallpapers. Large-scale motifs of flowers, leaves and nature can also do the trick of thematic enrichment. Colours play a dominant role in revitalization of art and craft in the interiors too.


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Create an interesting feel under your feet as you walk indoors. A combination of dark planks with slate or stone can add an element of interest and style. Even natural stones can make a great choice.

In interior design schools, students are specifically trained on how to choose raw materials for floorings, walls and ceilings. This eventually helps them in working on real-life projects.


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Unlike the Victorian style of heavy and embellished furniture, choosing furniture that’s superior in quality with exquisite craftsmanship can realize artistry on furniture in a revived fashion. The furniture need not be bulky but the look can be made decorative by adding few creatively key design elements from the Victorian style.


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Chandeliers and lamps with embossed carvings can perfectly fit into your home décor. Infuse a rich glow by selecting pieces that would complement the ceiling, walls and other elements in the room. Tiffany lamps mounted on the wall can be a wonderful choice.




Windows are made to get the perfect view to the outside world. The huge bay windows which almost touch the ceiling are a signature style of the Victorian era. Design something similar but more on the lines of geometric patterns. It’s the new approach to maintain the huge length keeping the frame simple and stylish.

A touch of metal such as carved candle stands, drapes with fringes, etc. can bring back the old-fashioned look and feel. These and so much more can recreate the art and craft fashion from the era of revivalism that followed the Victorian era. Professional training can surely help you perfect your interior décor skills.

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