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Interior Design Styles by Country

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Interior design is as varied as the civilisations in history and nations and regions in the world today. If you begin to explore, there’s a lot to study as to what approaches and styles are adopted by people in different parts of the world regarding interior designing.

All this is besides the individual tastes that each person reflects in their respective interiors. But as interior design courses follow a neat classification of variety in subject matter and ideas, we are looking at interior design styles by country in this blog.

Now, as can be easily guessed, geography, lifestyle and influential elements from time to time brings an evolution in interior design in any country. For instance, interior design courses in India do not consider traditional interiors as the highlight of approach to the study of the subject. In fact, the courses help identify and liberally understand how ideas from all over the world, has created innumerable designs for interiors!

Even interior design weekend classes can suffice for you to tap into the wide variety of interior design styles and the ways they can be collaborated to create fusions. Here are a few peculiar interior design styles followed in few countries.


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Indians can never let go of tradition. But they are welcoming modernity too! So many Indian interiors are built on different versions of minimalism and modernism. Worship room, vastu-based settings and accessories of Indian art and religion, are all still very much a part of Indian decor.

Colours like pink, yellows and whites are still widely used. But the use of blues and greys are also not rare.




Individuality and eco-friendliness are highly regarded in Russian interior design. The industrial look and flawless functionality are major design goals for interiors here. High quality wall decor is another impressive part of Russian interiors.


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The philosophy of Zen has a major influence on Japanese culture. It reflects even in interior design where design concepts like Kanso and Feng Shui are hugely popular. The design practices focus on the flow of energy within a space. The importance given for aesthetics and simplicity is very apparent in Japanese interiors. Modest furniture, elements blended with nature and minimal artworks define Japanese interior design.




If unconventional means anything in interior art, Poland seems to have made it a norm! The unusual furniture designs could even include hidden furniture and uncommon forms. Minimalist design is largely applied. Blacks and browns are largely preferred colours that offset white and cream areas in the interiors.




Portugal has a penchant for rustic and minimalist interior designs. The Portuguese beautifully combine modern design styles with rustic accessories, making interiors acquire a unique vibe. There’s a lot that wood does in the spaces and offers a lot on natural looks.

So next time you choose to set up your interiors, a reference of these interior styles can help a lot in choosing your favourite design.


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