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Interior Design Tips: Making Amazing Hallways

Many of us tend to be very particular and probably opulent about design ideas for rooms in a living space. But in fact, the little stretch of connecting space between the rooms or the insides of a home and the outdoors – the hallway, often goes unplanned. If that happens, even in a perfectly made house, it could lead to a lack of impression in your cherished design!

Hallways have the significance of being the first stretch of space any visitor is introduced to when he/she comes home. This part of a building requires much attention in terms of design and functionality.



So, in the interest of good interior designing, we are recommending a few tips to create great hallways that serve in more ways than one. Across cultures and countries, the hallway design and treatment are connected to the traditions and concepts of a home’s inhabitants. It all comes down to how you use the space and the elements in there that add to the overall appearance.

Any of the interior designing classes will tell you that where functionality and aesthetics goes hand in hand, a perfect design is born. The tips we share here are aimed at applying this fact to any hallway you design. If you need a detailed study, interior design courses can help a great deal.

Here are the tips for creating amazing hallways.


Paint it rich.


When the hallways lead the visitor into the home, lifting their spirits with vibrant colours makes a great difference. So paint the walls along the hallway in bold and vibrant colours and add rich colour elements like wall hangings or other accessories to increase the impression.



Make it functional.


It is always a good idea to add utilities like hangers, side draws and chairs or benches in the hallway, which will help the visitor. Say, the hangers on the wall can be used to hang the coat, the basket on hallway can be used to leave umbrellas and the shoe racks can help neatly place it before entering the home. Many of these accessories also benefit by reducing clutter in the hallway.


Choose tough mats for rough steps.


Hallway is an intensely active area, where people can frequently step in and step out. So the rugs used in the hallway could be thick and durable like the ones made from coir. The mat used can nevertheless sport a good pattern and be appealing. Also, the floor may be made of harder and coarser materials like brick or wood.



Light it soothingly.


The lighting in the hallways should ideally be bright enough but soothing. Shades crafted attractively can add to the visual appeal. Glass panes to let in natural light can be a great choice of lighting too.


Add mirrors to the hallway.


Adding mirrors to the hallway, which are of the right sizes and in the right location can make the space look wider and create reflective effects that enriches the ambience. It can also add to the delight of those walking through!

So the next time while planning for a good interior design, make a note of setting the hallways useful and wonderful. After all, it may well be that element of your grand design which would make the plan perfect.


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