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Interior Design- Tips to Choose the Right Frame

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There are numerous wall décor ideas to enhance the look of the wall. Among the many, wall frames are the most interesting ones. They come in various shapes, sizes, textures and designs. Selecting the right frame can drastically alter the look of a boring wall.

Interior design not only involves learning about spaces, one has to also consider the use of interior décor.

Here are few tips on how to select the right frame.


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The Gold Frame


If you have a picture of a landscape, use an elaborate gold frame with a mat edging. You must also consider the colour of the wall, a beige or off-white can enhance the look.

One can get a great deal of knowledge about various types of interior décors in an interior design course.


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Pick a Colour from the Painting


A painting has many colours. You could pick a prominent colour from the painting for the frame. A narrow metallic frame can complement the wall. Learn more about choosing the right frame in interior design classes.


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Dark Wood Frame


Dark frames always add sophistication and class. Choose a dark brown frame which is slightly broad. If you have a white wall, it will surely stand out.


The Lacquer Frame


A lacquer frame is one that reveals a bit of the white border of the picture. The frame appears to be a double-mat finish and adds immense drama and style.


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The Raw Look


Photography or the piece of art you are planning to decorate your wall with, can inspire the choice of the frame. A frame with a raw and rustic look complements a picture with a natural scene.


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A Narrow White Border Frame


A narrow frame with a white border would look amazing on a dark painting. Such frames not only look classy but reflect the artwork beautifully.


Combination Frame


This frame is a combination of wood and metal. The four corners of the frame are metal, while the rest is wood.  

Apart from the above, there are numerous types of frames that can be used on different walls. Pick what best suits you.

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