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Interior Design Trends: Why is Yellow the Colour of 2018?

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Guess what’s termed the colour of the year 2018? Yes, it’s none other than the vibrant yellow. So, how about going all yellow this year? Incorporating a particular colour in your interiors is something to look forward to.

So, what does the colour really signify and why should we incorporate it? Here are few thoughts about it. Let us know a little more about using this colour in interior design.


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What does yellow signify?


When you see the colour yellow, an instant gush of energy is what you experience. Strength and stability are what the colour signifies and it rings with the year that is also called the Dog year as per Chinese horoscope.


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Shades of Yellow


Yellow has few interesting shades that you may want to infuse with elements of interior décor. Shades that range from mustard to gold can be mixed and matched with other hues to get brilliant combos. For example, place yellow flowers at the entrance or at the corner of a room. Yellow is a welcoming colour which can bring a radiant feeling.

You can also play around with mustard and browns. Use them as drapes and rugs and upholstery. As you gradually work on your home décor, an insight into other aspects of the subject may also interest you. Pursuing an interior design course can be a learning advantage.


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Where to Use Subtle Hues of Yellow


Every colour plays a significant role in interiors. Colour psychology is a vast subject but a decent awareness can make a big difference. Experience teaches a lot. However, most of the knowledge can be gained only from interior design classes.

The dining area is one place where there is free flow of energy. Therefore, you can use subtle and earthy hues of yellow here. Place terracotta or brass vases at the centre of the dining table. The kitchen is another important space where you can try out a tint of gold or yellow.

Similarly, you can choose one particular wall in the living room and colour it ochre yellow. To subdue the brightness, add a bit of texture.

So go ahead and spread the energy of yellow in your home this year!

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