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Interior Designing Art: Wall Art Decor Ideas

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An attractive wall can draw anyone’s attention. Wall décor today has become as significant as any other structure in the house. Adding a splash of colour through paintings, wallpaper, frames, etc. gives the room a new identity.

Every room is designed keeping its functionality in mind. Apart from furniture and other objects, walls clearly define the look and feel of a room. The best way one can convey this is through wall décor.

Here are few wall art décor ideas that you can implement to add an element of interest to the room.

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Room Focal Point

Every room will have at least one focal point. For example, a fireplace is a focal point. If you plan to hang an artwork above it, make sure you group it such a way that its dimension does not exceed that of the fireplace.

Understanding dimensions becomes easy when learnt in an interior designing course. In interior design one has to follow certain principles which help in maintaining a balance between various elements. The course trains you with basic designing skills and equips you with advanced designing methodologies that can be easily applied.

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Placement of Artwork

Correct placement of artwork on the wall is important. The artwork must be placed at eye level. An object that you hang on the wall must not be too high or very low. For example, a dining room can have the artwork hung a bit low considering the sitting arrangement.

If the artwork is hung over furniture, make sure it is not wider than the furniture’s width. The rule of thumb is that the width of the artwork must be 75% of the furniture.

An interior design course can give you knowledge of such practical rules essential in mastering the art of designing.

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Consider the Area of the Wall

A room may have a narrow or a wide wall. You will need to balance the space with appropriate artwork. The principle that you can apply here is to choose small wall decors for narrow walls and a combination of small and big for wide walls.

You can also hang large artwork horizontally along the hallway or above a master sofa to give a less cluttered feel. Vertical placement always complements a narrow wall, as with say a pillar.

So before you nail the artwork on the wall, you must first lay the décor on the floor to see how it appears. In case any changes are needed, they can be made easily.

Space management is an important topic taught in interior design classes. It not only pertains to the area of the floor but also includes the wall area. If you pay keen attention to wall art décor, you can surely create an impact. Pursuing a course in interior design can work to your advantage as it gives you a heads up to effectively reflect your personal style.

So go ahead and implement the above ideas and make every wall special.

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