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Interior Designing Careers: Career Choices for You

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Interior designing is a very prospective field for great careers where the skill for designing spaces are put to work and the opportunities are many to choose from. The development of interior design as a distinct discipline, rather than a subsidiary task of an architect, has made this field attractive for many.

Interior design diploma courses, like the ones offered by Hamstech, are filling up the need for creative youngsters who bring their talent and skill in setting up homes and offices in innovative ways. The systematic knowledge they acquire from interior design classes are enabling them to do classy professional jobs in this field.

Interior designers can handle interior decoration too, which again has become a specialisation trained for through interior decoration courses.

Here are a few career choices available for you after you pass an interior design course.

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Interior Designers

The obvious career option, interior designers are the masters of planning interior spaces with good technical knowledge of buildings and structures and experts at creatively setting up the space. They do their job by comprehensively managing all the aspects of an ideal interior including ventilation systems, lighting, water supply, air conditioning and many more. They prepare detailed layouts, create sample models with architectural features such as elevation and even present the designs using software featuring CAD (Computer Aided Designing).

Interior Decorators

Interior decorators are responsible for setting an interior’s total look, which involves smartly implementing colours, decors, light effects, surface textures, furniture layout and much more.

interior designing

Visual Merchandiser/Store Display Designers

Contributing to the brand value of a product, and creating a highly effective sales point, Store Display Designers plan and set up the optimal theme and decorations for window displays and in-store displays. A highly dynamic job, expert hands at this shall rapidly and in a very timed manner implement innovative and attractive ways of presenting the products to create increased interest in the customers to buy them.

Theatre and Set Designers

Setting the stage for a typical event needs a high level of understanding and dynamism that helps the designer set up an optimal environment for a play, a function, a movie, a fashion show or any other similar event. His ability to coordinate and supervise every aspect of the stage setting is essential to conduct the event smoothly and successfully. Communication with auxiliary teams like lighting technicians, decorators and carpenters is very essential too.

interior design courses in india

Furniture Designers

A task that takes great amount of skill and ideation, furniture designing is all about getting the best suited furniture designs arranged most appropriately at homes, offices or commercial spaces like showrooms. The furniture designer coordinates with the client, the artisans and the suppliers to bring the furniture to the floor. The skill to suggest impressive and functional furniture designs matching the client’s needs and tastes is the core capability of this job.

So, do you already identify any of your skills and capabilities with one of these options? Then you must proceed to join an interior design course and gain the acumen to become a professional you have always dreamt to be!

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