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Interior Designing Guide: Choosing Colour Themes for Autumn

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With autumn just around the corner, you would want to prepare your home to welcome the coming season. This autumn, get your home ready with an interesting palette that breathes life into every room.

Here is your chance to embrace warm colours and rich shades to add a twist of fun and style to your home. But as you gear up for the season, do remember to choose colours that you love.

This autumn, choose your colours wisely and read on to know what colours you can combine to glam the place up.

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Colour of Harmony: White

White never goes out of fashion; but this autumn, use it sparingly. It need not take an interior designing course to tell you that since there are many other vibrant colours to consider for autumn, using it sparingly isn’t going to be a mistake.

White is a peaceful and harmonious colour that adds a hint of subtleness. It can be used in small areas such as corners and in restrooms.

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The Grandeur of Green

A season approaching that is well known for colour transition of the leaves, you may want to take inspiration from it and add a touch of shades of green to your interiors. Use a darker shade of green to the kitchen cabinets or paint the small furniture items like side tables or chairs with varying shades of green to liven up the place.

As Interior designing is not only about the floor, walls and ceiling, but a lot about furniture and accessories, their colour and placement can play an important role in giving interiors a lively feel.

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The Mysterious Black

Black has always been a mysterious colour that adds depth. Applying a shade of black can create a good reading corner that can greatly inspire focus and feeling of depth. As black is a heavy shade, you must use this colour wisely. Try painting your bookshelf black to feel the effect.

Chances are, black is not discussed as a very appealing colour at an interior designing institute, when you learn about colours and textures. But you can smartly combine black with other colours to create textures that are interesting.

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The Earthy Browns

One of the most popular autumn colour is brown. You can use brown at places right from your upholstery to your walls. If plain brown bores you, go for textures, as they look amazing. You can creatively use shades of brown on your furniture to give it a rustic look.

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The Warm Reds and Oranges

Reds and orange can look amazing on your interior accessories. Combine these two lovely colours to make your interiors striking. For instance, you can paint your door knobs with red/orange or place a flower vase at the corner with orange and red flowers. By pursuing an interior design course, you’ll get an opportunity to learn and work on new interior design concepts that utilize such vibrant colour effects.

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Blush is Back

Yes, blush is back and even better than before. This beautiful shade of pink is here to stay this autumn. You can use this colour in your kitchen pantry, wallpaper, cushions, etc. Wallpapers in this shade adds a vintage feel. In interior design colleges, motif designing is taught which is further used in creating wallpapers, textile designing for upholstery designs, furniture design, etc. This colour is nothing less than fun!

There are plenty of colour ideas in blush that can be used this autumn. For a different style, you can apply the colour in woven textures, knitted accessories, rugs, carpets etc. to make a refreshing change.

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Dark Shades Are In

Dark shades add a lot of drama and style. One such shade is chocolate brown that has made a comeback this autumn. Using this colour, you can create a featured wall to hang frames, paintings etc. on.

Therefore, with an array of interesting autumn palettes, you can create wonderful interiors for your home. With these shades that are the colours of the season, you can stay away from shades such as copper, grey and blue.

So this autumn, do remember to keep your interiors interesting and add some fun by adding the variety of autumn colours. This is your chance to jazz up your space and make it appealing.

Have fun this autumn!

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