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Interior Designing Guide: How to Plan for Lights Indoors

The quote “Right lights for the bright eyes” says a lot about the correlation of proper lighting and happy living in a home. In fact, lights are not just tools to see things clearly but also a medium to generate moods and emotions, that are inseparable from the concept of living spaces for human beings.


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Many new ideas about lighting, including natural lighting, has evolved into popular interior designing practices of the modern times. Planning lighting and treating it with scientific reasoning aren’t looked upon as overindulgence anymore. Lighting accessories and its supportive mechanisms along with the room layout makes a coherent entity that brings to life a thematic interior design, contributed to by wisely done individual room decor.

Learning about interior lighting from interior design classes introduces one to basic lighting design in theory and practice, advancing with training in developing skills to create aesthetically pleasing and functional lighting solutions.

There are a few tips one can take from sources related to interior lighting, similar to the basic ideas provided in an interior designing course, that can be implemented while setting their own interiors. Such indoor light planning makes interiors extremely expressive and desirable, enhancing the quality of living as a whole.

Here are a few useful suggestions shared by Hamstech Institute, from its knowledgeable interior design team. These maybe taken for a fundamental understanding of the criteria considered and applied for planning and implementing indoor lighting with best results.


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Lights that Welcome


A guest may be welcomed into a home at any time of the day. The grace of a guest being welcomed in lies in giving them a bright space, with a wonderful interior spectacle that puts them to ease and make them feel happy.

So, having provision to let in enough natural light can make a guest room or living room look bright and feel naturally fresh. The main lighting in the room can be an embellished piece of chandelier or a beautiful dome light that spreads white light all across the room. Clustered lighting can serve well in a corridor leading  to an inner space for the guests.


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Lights in the Dining


Many overlook the beauty of having an overhead light above the dining table with LED or halogen lights in it. Besides, having a glass paned broad window that gives a view into nature can create additional beauty to the space. The central light (or lights) above the dining table can even be creatively set by using curvy glass shades as single or a series of lighting pieces.


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Kitchen Lighting


Kitchen lighting has to be bright. For that reason, LED overhead box lighting is a good choice for a good amount of brightness. Besides, having LED strip lighting can enhance the look and feel of the kitchen and can provide focused lighting for specific areas of the kitchen.


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Bathroom Lighting


Bathroom lighting can be made appealing using low wattage bulbs, as the idea is to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere that has ample amount of well lit and shaded areas. Having a dimmer facility can help in setting desired levels of lighting in the room. The lights can be glamorized with decorative and artistic shades.


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Bedroom Lighting


Bedroom lighting has to be soothing and relaxing. Hence, the main lighting can be set with a dimmer facility to achieve the desired softness. Though a table lamp is a common idea for a light by the bed, a better idea is to have a hanging, pendant-style smokey shade with softer light for calmer effect. Besides, a hanging light can save the trouble to occupy the side table as when a table lamp is placed. For reading, a bright overhead light may be fixed.

Designing the interiors of a house is a work that considers every aspect that makes its different areas set optimally to exude a particular feel that an individual seeks. Lighting being a very crucial element in this regard, has to be planned with its specific role in accentuating the purpose of each area of the house.

As a wide variety of options for specific lighting needs are available in stores these days, it is not hard to find a good choice for lights and their accessories. It is upto the interior designer to choose the best one that suits the layout of the space the light is meant for.


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