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Interior Designing Guide: Mistakes to Avoid in Room Layout

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In the words of Charles Eames, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”. This statement by the American designer very well explains the significance of arranging different elements to accomplish the perfect layout.

A well-planned layout is a key to a perfect home. Be it a new office or a room that’s undergoing renovation, placement of accessories is what makes the difference. It can well be observed that the interiors from ancient times give a lot of importance layout. Right from the main entrance to the inside pathways, everything is well placed.

Quite often, people make the mistake of adding unwanted articles which clutter the interiors. It basically defeats the purpose of space management. In any interior design class, Psychology of Space is an important topic covered in the curriculum.

Here are few guidelines that can help one avoid the common mistakes in room layout.

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A Masterpiece

A common mistake that most people do is placing too many furniture pieces and other decorative objects. These lovely pieces end up making the room look cluttered.

Placing one set of furniture and adding one very decorative or stylish lampshade makes a lot of difference in the appearance and effect of the room. The articles immediately get the attention it deserves. As much as possible, it is advised to try to keep a distinct piece that adds style and drama to an interior décor.

Clutter-free Walkways

Placing flower pots, chairs and decorative objects along the walkway are definitely going to create obstacles. This is another common mistake people make in the process of adding beauty to the walkway.

Make sure to leave at least 2 to 3 feet space for easy movement. This would avoid collisions and congestion and make the area look spacious.

Space planning is another important topic that students learn in interior designing. They can apply it in their personal life too apart from using the knowledge professionally.

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Maintain Balance

Using oversized and bulky furniture in a compact room can leave a room looking cramped. Many people also push everything against the wall, leaving a large, fortified space in between.

Balance can be achieved by choosing furniture that suits the size of the room. Also, positioning the furniture and other objects in such a way that it balances everything around is ideal.

In an interior design course, one of the most trending topics is furniture designing. Students are taught how to design furniture keeping the layout of the room in mind.

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Divide the Layout as Per Use

During the construction of a house, sometimes people end up creating areas which eventually are left unused.

It’s important to divide the layout in such a way that every little space is optimally used. One can label a large area as kids play zone, while a small area could be the reading corner. The layout division must be planned based on the activities of the residents.

The Leg Space

Rugs, carpets and mats give a cosy effect to a room. Most people get carried away with the beauty and texture of rugs thus forgetting its purpose.

It’s best to choose the rug considering the layout of the room. It’s also important to know where and how they should be placed. The rug must be placed completely below the furniture legs or should be completely off it. This prevents the furniture from getting uneven balance and also makes the room layout look neat.

Short-term courses in interior designing such as a weekend course can be a great way to start to learn this and many other tips that are very useful.

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The Effect of Lights and Upholstery

Lights can make or break the look of a layout. A beautiful ambience is created with the correct placement of appropriate lights. For example, it could be great design to have a long lamp post light at the corner of a living room. One may even dim it a bit to add a little drama.

Playing around with different types of lights such as a floor lamp, spotlight, small ceiling lights, etc. can add immense style to the layout of a room.

Keeping the above guidelines in mind creates amazing interior layouts.

For those who are ambitious about making a career in interior design should know these and many more best practices. One can join an interior designing institute to learn all that. Learning from a reputed institute will give an added advantage as one gets in-depth knowledge and good practical training.

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