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Interior Designing Guide to Plan Flooring Designs

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Flooring designs are an integral part of planning the interiors of a setup, be it home or workplace. It has a great role in completing the total theme of the interior.

In interior designing, determining the design and material for the floor bases itself on the expected user experience. Elegant floor design can be achieved with accessories viz. vinyl and carpets. Various flooring methods are introduced to students pursuing courses for interior designing, who look at flooring designs from a very creative angle.

Even in the old days, flooring concepts were sufficiently varied. Careful thought was given to the kind of stones used to pave the floor or the design created for the floor of a particular room or portion of the building.

The very striking feature of today’s flooring design is that it is done very creatively involving eco-friendly materials. In an interior designing course, the factors of colours, patterns, and materials are dealt in detail. But a basic idea about the flooring design practices shall get one to appreciate the possibilities and comparative advantages.


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Resin Flooring


Flooring using synthetic resin gives highly durable floor finishing that is strong, easily maintainable, allowing designer floors that can be created bespoke. Resin flooring suits spaces where the floor receives great stress due to heavy activity as on industrial floors. But the technique can also be used in homes and offices.

The process of creating a resin flooring involves the application of a coating of synthetic/natural resin chemicals that bond strongly with the basic concrete floor, creating a hard-coated surface. It keeps the base floor safe from damage and yet gives a smooth and glowy finish. The coating is non-slippery and easy to clean.

For a creative touch on the floor, which can even include a 3D art, the artwork or design can be applied on the floor first, treated with some chemicals, post which the final coating of resin preserves it on the floor.


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Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is the latest addition to the array of resilient flooring solutions that are aimed at being eco-friendly, durable and cost effective. More of a preferred flooring option in commercial spaces, it can also be aptly used in houses, especially where there is a high receipt of moisture.

In vinyl flooring, a layer of a vinyl sheet is pasted onto a base surface. The vinyl itself can be pretty creative and colourful with a range of designs and patterns. They are often chosen over PVC and other plastic-based flooring products. Vinyl floors are comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and maintain.


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Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a way to bring oneself closest to nature with wooden floors to tread on. It’s available in a large variety, with options including oak, pine, cherry, walnut, birch, and maple. Hardwood flooring is durable even though it’s recommended to be applied in spaces that do not receive too much moisture and heavy stress.

The best places for hardwood flooring are the bedroom, kitchen, and hallways. For kitchens, oak wood is recommended whereas softer woods like walnut are suitable for bedrooms.

Hardwood flooring is recommended as a natural flooring option, which is an important concept learned by students at an interior designing institute.


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Marble Flooring


A very durable and versatile flooring option, marble flooring suits a lot of areas in a home. The attractive natural designs in marble stones make interiors look elegant. Marble is totally natural and is available at numerous locations around the world. The most reputed variety of marble comes from Italy.

As marble by nature is alkaline when in contact with acidic substances causes a chemical reaction leading to its discoloration. Treating marble at regular intervals keeps it in good condition.

Marble is used as polished or honed. Polished marble is more slippery. But generally, marble surfaces need good care and maintenance to stay beautiful.

The floor is the widest and the most continuous portion of a building. Hence bringing up the topic of flooring design in interior design classes is inevitable for students.

Hamstech’s interior designing course curriculum brings students to learn and work on interior design very comprehensively. It also directs students to give flooring designs the amount of importance and creative thought it deserves.

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