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Interior Designing Inspiration: Ideas from World’s Top Designers

Professional interior design is one of the major aspects of making dream homes today and interior designers are making quite an attempt to convert ideas to reality. But what makes an interior design remarkable is the unique plan that is formulated when there is a merging of the client’s ideas and requirements and the designer’s creativity and skill in finding perfect solutions to the needs in view.

In an era where architects undertook much of the interior designing tasks, the relevance still was largely skewed to the artistry implemented on the building itself. But of late, as interior designing has become an independent discipline in itself, interior designers are giving a new definition to the concept of the best home or office which entails the elaborate plan to create an internal atmosphere that is as rich or richer than the external view.


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A lot of artistic creativity and spatial imagination that interior designers possess and develop from interior design courses gets implemented in the course of developing a space either the first time or while renovating it. The boom in the formal training facilities and institutes have led to a lot of bright minds coming into the scene, creating innovative designs and settings that combine commendable aesthetics with great comfort.

Interior decoration is a subset of interior design and in fact, interior decoration courses are also available these days, that helps an even broader group of creative people bring their hearts and minds into setting interiors with great finesse. There are many world renowned professionals who have made their name in the business of interior designing, making wonderful spaces for celebrities and corporates. They bring a wealth of knowledge and vision along with them, that are best references for students doing courses for interior designing.


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In the modern age, the concepts and styles of interior designing are migrating and getting appreciated across the world. Take Vaastu and Feng Shui for example. These originally Indian and Chinese systems of designing living spaces have gained great recognition all over the world with proven benefits.

The world’s top interior designers have their own masterstrokes and visions about their craft that are also inspiring new ideas and perspectives to many designers. Here are a few of them that are extracted from what they have revealed about their own concepts in interior design and decoration.


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Jean-Loius Deniot


This designer, featured by ELLE Decor as one of the best interior designers in the world believes in creating an atmosphere that derives inspiration from multiple sources. He never sticks to a style and brings concepts to life in his interiors. Informal and exuding boldness, his designs are mostly very contemporary. He also has a penchant for infusing historic references to design, to capture a timeless moment in the space makes his designs stand out.

He believes that style is equal to lifestyle and it must be such that promote wellbeing and harmony. Striking materials and subtly coloured textures with the dominant presence of muted tones complimented by impeccable lighting are the salient features of his decor.


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Peter Marino


The wisdom behind this exceptional designer’s style lies in the attempt to bring lasting impressions from an interior that looks frozen in all its brilliance with the aesthetic quality that he could weave into them. The design was not meant to be fickle and had to be lasting like an exquisite work of art.


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Kelly Wearstler


Luxury defines this multifaceted designer’s interior works. Her’s is a revolutionary design concept that redefined the concept of luxury lifestyle in America, reflected in her interiors that is rich in sophistication and spontaneity. There is also the elaborate presence of antiques and accessories that are exclusive and include extremely admirable collectibles from across the world. Her bespoke furniture collection also adorns the interiors she designs. Her designs incorporate curated art and vintage collectibles in liberal measures.


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Philippe Starck


An interior designer with a prominent humanistic approach, Philippe focuses on ethics and the usefulness of the design and its elements which shall also be very decorative and beautifying. He has a vivid imagination that works behind his sustainable designs that promote exemplary lifestyles altogether. This reflects in his unique projects like individual turbines under the concept of “democratic ecology” and affordable and adjustable houses that are pre-fabricated and high-tech.

A lot can be learned from many other interior designers like these. Their approach and style can be taken as inspiration by budding interior designers to develop their own style of interior designing.

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