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Interior Designing Lessons from Traditional Indian Homes

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Indian style stands apart in any vertical of art and décor. Stretching from North to South and East to West, traditional indigenous Indian homes have so much to get inspiration from.

There is a little place for curiosity to find those traditional homes in this new era of city landscaping. Don’t sigh, as those homes are still there to be found in secluded suburbs of the city.

If you take a city like Hyderabad, you can find indigenous homes in areas which are in the outskirts. An interior designing course in Hyderabad will give you a picture about this.


Interior decoration courses




You might wonder what has physics to do with designing a home. Interior decoration courses teach the basics of aesthetically designing rooms and spaces using technical subjects like physics. This helps to bring out designs that are functional and sustainable.


interior designing course


Indigenous Indian homes dating back to centuries behind did not seem to have designs penned on a paper, but they all followed instincts. The materials used to make the construction stand resilient even today.

An interior designing course will help you understand the use of physics in designing a proper indigenous home.




Indian designs are inspired by bold and solid colours. You can play around with colours in every aspect of your design to decorate a space that has a story to tell.

The bright ambience leaves you in awe and makes you feel energetic. Just by spending sometime, the place would leave you cheerful and full of life.

Flowers influence the thematic interior designs based on colours. For example, join interior design classes for a better understanding of applying colour to your designs.


interior design classes




Olden days remind you of the different types of metal art pieces that are placed in the house for decoration. Metals like brass and copper can be found in almost all the age old interiors.




An interior designing project is made complete and perfect with the uniqueness it contains in its décor. This angle of designing interiors has a lot to derive from the Indigenous Indian homes.

The royal upholster furniture, designer wooden benches, brass artefacts, antique damachiyas, hand-made wall hangings or tapestry etc. come into consideration.

We cannot forget to mention about the typical Indian jhoolas placed right in the middle of any traditional Indian home. It is either a simple wooden plank hung to the roof with heavy metal chains or the same plank with wood carving from the finest of Indian artisans.


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Indian Vernacular Architecture


Indian architecture defines the unschooled architectural structures found in rural areas. These are made by local people using the limited local resources they have. Their designs are intricate and functional that are tailored according to their needs.

These structures can be taken as inspiration to re-create spaces with Indian themes.

Choosing an Indian touch as a signature for your interior designing will make you stand apart in today’s competitive market. Hopefully the information above will help you do the same.

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