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Interior Designing Students’ Splendid Session with Shabnam Gupta

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Every educational institution deals with the challenge of maintaining an interactive classroom that is rich with sessions from highly knowledgeable and versatile individuals. Introducing new teaching methodologies and facilitating impressive lectures from subject-experts always prove advantageous to students.

Students, no matter what age group they belong to, crave for more knowledge and learning experiences. This knowledge transfer happens best when there is involvement from an expert professional from the industry. Understanding the efficacy of such teaching techniques, Hamstech Institute of Creative Education has maintained the practice of inviting guest speakers to classrooms to enhance the learning experience of its students.

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Mrs. Shabnam Gupta, a renowned Interior Designer, is the mentor and chief-advisor for Hamstech’s Interior Design students. Hamstech Institute recently organized a guest lecture by her on 20th November 2017 at FTAPCCI Auditorium, Hyderabad. The topic of discussion was “Design Process” and the lecture was attended by more than 350 interior designing students.

The designing process in the broad scope of interior design involves a series of steps taken by a designer while working on a project. Though the scope and activities at every stage differ, the broad approach remains similar depending on the type of design. The design process also requires a holistic view of illustrations of design elements.

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Mrs. Shabnam Gupta shared certain tips on the topic with students which included advice

  • to put themselves in the client’s shoe and to understand the requirements, likes and dislikes before implementing features in the design.
  • to consider and use nature as the major element in the design.

The guest lecture proved to be very interactive with her well-informed views included that added to the credibility of the content of the discussion. Practical courses such as interior design require profound mentorship which can only come from an expert from the industry.

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The guest lecture from Shabnam Gupta immensely benefitted Hamstech students in understanding important points about the interior design process. Her unique designing style that always takes inspiration from nature and other elements around her is very evident in the projects she’s worked on. Those projects inspire the students very much.

Hamstech always attempts to bring in new ideas and new knowledge to its students. Guest lecture is a strategy followed by the institute to bring fresh and realistic perspective from industry experts which in turn enhances creative education. This not only changes the students’ perspective but also adds a lot to their performance.

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