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Interior Designing Study: A Trip to Pondicherry’s Architectural Legacy

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As the journalist Lisa Ling once said, “The best education I have ever received was through travel”, we at Hamstech too believe that traveling is another way of learning and expanding your knowledge.

For students, excursions and educational visits are the most effective way to enhance personal and social development. An educational site visit is a combination of theoretical and practical learning. It is through such visits that students get an exposure and thorough understanding of the subject.

Today, there are many educational institutes that follow a new teaching-learning methodology. One among the many institutes is Hamstech Institute of Creative Education that has taken such an initiative. Hamstech Institute comes with over 25 years of experience. Over the years, the institute has grown to become a leader in creative education.


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As part of the curriculum, Hamstech organises regular workshops, seminars and sites visits for students. This year too, the institute organised a four-day educational site visit to Pondicherry for its Interior Designing students. The trip was planned with an objective to provide great visibility and understanding of the rich architectural temples of Southern India.

Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry is situated at the Southern part of the Indian Peninsula. It is popular for various reasons, but the city is visited mainly for its architectural buildings, ancient temples and of course its beaches.


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On the first day, the students headed out to visit the architectural college- MIDAS (MARG Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi). On arriving at the college, the Head of the Department briefed Hamstech’s students on the architectural history of Pondicherry, Auroville and Mahabalipuram. They were further briefed on other architectural monuments of the city.

While day one of the visit was all about studying the architectural history, day-two was scheduled to visit the temples in Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram is known for its temple carvings and architecture. Here, the students got a chance to visit the famous Shore temple which dates back to the 8th century AD. The Shore temple is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it gets its name as it overlooks the Bay of Bengal shore. The intricate carvings of Gods and Goddesses on granite stones makes it a true piece of art.

Before the interior design students moved on to visit the Pandava temple and few other temples nearby, they settled down for a few hours to sketch the temple and the carvings within.


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On day three, the students explored the French colony and the sacred heart Basilica in Pondicherry. At the French colony, the students spent their day preparing a documentary with pictures and more, to be used as a reference later.

The fourth day, being the last day of the educational tour, was scheduled to visit few more temples and structures. The students visited the Auroville, Matri Mandir, Bharat Nivas and Savitri Bhavan.

The Matri Mandir is another famous structure in Pondicherry. The temple is a circular golden globe that stands tall and can be easily noticed from a distance. The temple took 40 years to complete and has beautiful and unique interiors.

As the students wrapped up their four-day site visit, it proved to be a great learning experience for all.

Pursuing an interior design course at Hamstech, not only gives you theoretical exposure but also an idea to master the subject through such excursions and practical learning methodology.

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