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Interior Designing Styles: Salient Features of Indian Interiors

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Exotic, interesting and stylish are terms that are typically applicable to the interiors of an Indian home. India is known for its diverse culture, art and history and this is reflected in every Indian home. The interior of every Indian home showcases a distinct feature which is what makes an Indian home unique.

Interior designing is an art that requires creativity, skill and most of all, an in-depth understanding of the subject. Considering the modern lifestyle, many people have adapted to new interior design styles taking inspiration from other countries.

Here are a few salient features of Indian interiors that bring an enchanting effect to Indian homes.

Astounding Colour Palette

Indian interiors are hallmarked with the use of vibrant colour palette. The variation of colours evokes a sense of buoyancy and richness.

In a typical Indian interior, the use of earthy colours such as brown, tan, ochre yellow and umber can be commonly seen on walls.

In a practical subject like interior design, a person must get to know and appreciate Indian interior style as they learn designing in an interior design course.

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Furniture crafted from solid wood is another element of Indian interiors. Indian furniture is identified with their carvings, inlays work and curved edges. Solid wood is carved into ornate pieces taking inspiration from Indian architecture and history. Heavily carved wooden chests, centre tables, short stools, jharokas, etc. are some of the types of furniture widely seen.

As a student of interior design, furniture designing forms an integral part of the curriculum. Students learn about different types of furniture (ancient and modern) and implement their features in their projects.

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Flooring plays a major role in Indian interior design. India being a tropical country is warm. Hence, the flooring is made with the idea to keep the home cool. The most common floorings used in Indian homes are marble, granite and tiles. All these floorings are easy to maintain and give a neat finish to the interiors.

In interior design classes, students are taught on how to choose floorings. They are required to justify their choice of flooring and its use.

Interior Décor

In a typical Indian interior, there is predominant presence of traditional elements such as statues, bells, idols, hangings, embroidered rugs etc. Other home décor objects include oil lamps, mirrors, copper articles, brass and bronze.

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Hand Woven Fabrics

India is known for its elaborate work on fabrics. Weaves, embroidery and block printing is commonly seen on drapes, cushion covers, bedspreads and other objects of home décor. Cotton, jute, linen and khadi fabrics are mostly used to decorate arms of chairs and side tables.

Study of different fabrics forms too is a part of the course curriculum at an interior design institute.

Interesting Patterns and Motifs

Intricate patterns such as paisleys, flowers, birds and mandala motifs form an important part of the Indian interior décor. These patterns and motifs set a deep connect through culture and religion. The mosaic flooring, patchwork on quilts and elegant tapestries reflect Indian culture.

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Art and Paintings 

Intricate artworks like Rajasthani paintings, Madhubani paintings portraying Lord Krishna and Tanjore paintings exhibit the variety of Indian artwork that are used to embellish interiors. Statues of animals like elephants, deer, horses and camels made from terracotta and other metals are part of the decor in Indian interiors. They appear as the centrepieces of a typical Indian living room.

A complete wall can be decorated with Indian paintings and artwork too. This brings a rich effect and adds immense style to interiors. Add a touch of Indian style to your interior décor by implementing few of the above ideas.

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