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Interior Designing: The “Less is More” Concept

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In interior designing the concept of “less is more” is all about creating simple and impactful interiors. Simplicity is the key to achieving this.

A room that is spacious and offers a serene atmosphere is always calming to the mind. Illustrating such a space is an art and can only be learnt by pursuing an interior design course.

Minimalistic use of furniture and other objects in home décor makes interiors breathable and offers good health and happiness to its residents. Following are few tips on achieving the “less is more” concept.

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Add a new tone

Wall paint plays a crucial role in transforming the look of a room. Most of us are aware of the colour psychology of dark and light tones. Dark tones give a compact look to the room while light tones have an opposite reaction making the room look bright and spacious.

Go with neutral colours such as ivory, grey, ecru and taupe to give a spacious effect to the room. In interior design classes, understanding the use and behaviour of colours help the designer to give the ideal effect to interiors.

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Choose good quality material

Pay keen attention to the material you choose for your interiors. Good quality material always gives a neat finish. Whether it’s the texture of the walls, doors or closets, every element must stand out either with its colour or texture. Avoid going with anything that’s bulky as this will make the room very clumsy. A trick here is to play around with light and dark colours when it comes to upholstery, drapes, cushions and carpets, etc.

Interior designing is all about adding rhythm, balance and proportion through the use of the right accessories and materials.

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Retain the important stuff

“Less is more” concept has got to do a lot with the objects placed in an interior. Focus on the functionality rather than enhancement. Ask yourself if you really need this? Clinging to furniture and other objects of home décor which are not necessary will only add clutter to the room. Such homes lack sophistication and beauty. So, add that feel-good factor by discarding unnecessary things.

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Make way for natural light

Ventilation facilitating natural light and air sufficiently must be the primary objective of a home. Cross-ventilation gives the room a pure and fresh appearance. You can see it if you observe that when a room doesn’t receive enough sunlight and air, it looks small and dingy.

The concept of lighting in interior designing is a topic commonly taught in interior design institutes. Interior designers very well understand this concept and apply it in their projects.

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Improvise your furniture

Bulky furniture is the main culprit in adding to space clutter. The freedom of movement is greatly restricted because of them. Always estimate the size and dimension of the room and then select the furniture. Multiple purpose furniture can help you reduce the bulk and space required.

Keeping the concept of “less is more”, follow these simple tips to create spacious interiors.

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