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Interior Designing Tips: Choosing Antiques for Interior Decoration

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Antiques always hold a special place in our lives in more ways than one. Most importantly, they connect us with the glorious ancient history. In interiors, antiques enhance the beauty of the particular space.

On the other hand, antiques can also be a part of one’s personal collection that may be used in interior designing to make a unique style statement in spaces inside homes or workplaces.

A piece of antique material can transform a modern interior space remarkably. The power to give that effect creates the real value of the antique space.

Here are few tips of how to choose antiques when you design a particular space.


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Quality & Authenticity


Determining the quality and authenticity of an antique piece chosen as a home décor is very important. There are many certified antique dealers who sell authentic antiques. Professionals who deal with interior decoration courses opine that antiques bought in auctions should have a certificate of authenticity.

The type and the age of the antique are its qualitative attributes. Sometimes the maintenance of the antique is also considered as a qualitative aspect.




The type of antique is determined by factors like the era it belongs to and the place it comes from. An era is simply the time period the antique belongs to.

Europe has been for centuries a haven of most precious authentic antiques. To list and describe the antiques found there will take days altogether.


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Antiques of Art Nouveau are the embodiments of curves and thin upholstery furniture that were introduced during the period between 19th and 20th century.

Art Deco has been popular since the 20th century. It is a set of completely modern decorative styles with linear designs and bold colours.

Victorian type of antiques exist in a wide range but mainly concentrates on heavy wood furniture, upholstery, ornate glassware and Chinese bone and porcelain ware.


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Baroque is the type of antique that belong to the European art, architecture and styles from 17th to 18th centuries. The uniqueness of these antiques are evident in the furniture with ornate wooden carvings.

These works of art are of interest to students in interior design courses to get familiar with the kind of artefacts usable in interior decoration.

There is also a unique type of antiques that represent the medieval period. Highly priced displays that are rustic and dark in colour comprise this category, called Gothic Revival.


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Market value


An institution running an interior designing course helps students to identify legitimate antique dealers as antiques have very high market value and has to be bought with caution.

Whether you want to keep and pass on the antique to the next generation or sell them for a good fortune should be aware and appreciative of their value. Sometimes a particular antique could turn to be a money spinner.

Adding antiques to a home décor reflects your appreciation for heritage and history. It brings in appreciation for your great taste for class besides the satisfaction and pride you feel every time you step-in to the interiors.

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