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Interior Designing Tips for Interior Makeovers

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In time, your home interior may look aged and dishevelled for the loss of order and need for sheen that you had when it was freshly built. Hence the need for a makeover becomes imminent. In fact, reinvention of interiors is the best thing you could do to make a fresh start in life.

Take it from a reputed interior designing institute in Hyderabad, you’ll find the following tips on making effective interior makeovers quite interesting.


Play With the Shades


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A new colour scheme easily reflects change in an interior. A fresh colour palette adds new life to interiors. It exhibits your renewed passion for a change, adding a new expression to the living space.

The colour palette you choose must depend on the room. For example, a kid’s room, brighter colours like orange, lawn green or tomato red looks great. Turquoise, grass green or lime suits living rooms or bedrooms, combined with flooring in shades of cream, mud brown or coffee. This combination reflects nature. Combining shades of grey, black and white could give interiors a calm and unsophisticated feel.  Interior design diploma courses will not only give you formal education of colour concepts but also help you come up with innovative palettes.


Make Illusions Work


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Smart sizing and arrangement of elements in a room can create illusions of space, richness and coziness. For example, putting low-height furniture in a room makes the room look taller. Placing a big mirror can make the room look bigger.

The elements of the room should be in proportion with the room’s size for good interior designing. Furniture with compact features placed at appropriate distance can make even small rooms look wider. Glass panes with outdoor view can extend the room’s spatial effect. Mirror that reflect an outdoor scene or a prominent part of the room can make the interior grand.


Decorate to Elevate Style


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You can add nostalgia, personality and richness with interior decoration. Imagine adding an old clock or your favorite old painting framed as a portrait to the room. These add expression to your room, keeping you inspired and nostalgic. Try adding your childhood bicycle as an accessory to your living room.

Adding textiles is another way to make  interiors  look luxurious. Add drapes in matching or contrasting colours to the room. Old but colourful or patterned clothes can be remade into covers and carpets. Putting more than two pairs of pillows of different colours and patterns on a sofa can add to the feel of coziness.


Add Variety, Break Habits


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Variety is the essence of beauty. Breaking conventions can bring out interesting results. For example, skirting an office table with a decorative fabric can look wonderful. It even lets you keep something hidden underneath.

Adding different styles of chairs at the dining table can show amusing variety. Mixing and matching items on a dining table adds to the combined effect.

Bringing cool and rich effects to the interiors in the process of an interior makeover largely depends on the imagination and experience of an interior designer. Always ensure that your needs and ideas are well communicated to the designer.


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