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Interior Designing: Trends of 2017

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For all those who live in a well-furnished, aesthetically pleasing homes today, did you once upon a time believe taking up the challenge to revamp your house would be easy? Did you believe you will actually start to love the new colour of your windows so much? Don’t you think adding the multi-purpose table and dreamy drapes changed the feel of your house?

Well, trends are fleeting and racing ahead of them is too ambitious. But some of them look promising and are here to stay. If you observe, you may even see a few conceptual undercurrents swelling through the years in the interior designing scene.

If you are eager to know what prominent interior trends came up in 2017, let’s have a look. If it helps you with your designs at interior design classes, it’d be great!


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Going Green


“If you have an interior to live in, why not make it green?” So goes a thought.

And many are thinking so! Thinking green represents people living by the love for nature and bringing nature home, one way or the other. People are preferring to have indoor plants and loving shades of green on their walls. And guess what! The Pantone colour of the year is Green!

Also, among the top colours trending this year, are shades like blue-green, lemon green and earthy green besides natural colours like dusky blue and sunshine yellow.


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Mix of Patterns


This year has emphatically set the trend of geometric patterns and traditional prints mixed and matched to create new visual treats on upholstery and furnishings. Even plain walls are going out of fashion and having patterns on wallpapers or framed art is inspiring love for the living space.


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Faux Fur for Sure


Faux fur has given literally a new “touch” to interiors and it’s trending now. It can be great addition to an interior as comfy rugs, upholstery for furniture or pillow covers. It’s an accessory to be used in moderation. When chosen for the right interior element, it gives a rich feel. Faux fur is also affordable provided you know what variety, size and quality you want.


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Touch of Textures


That bloated plain cushioned sofa is no more trending. The time of velvet pleat sofa is here! People are willing to buy chairs and sofas with diamond patterned velvet pleats or folds, and huge stitches.

And velvets are not just on chairs! The exclusivity of the velvety feel has been taken to poufs, ottomans and draperies. Skill in crafting these exquisite pieces for interiors is gained in interior design courses.


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Minimalist Accessories


Multi-utility is a buzzword that rings among enthusiasts of minimalist interiors. And why not? If less is more, who is not asking? The effectiveness of the idea of merger of form and function has stayed with people for quite a while now. It has even set directions of thoughts for many pursuing an interior designing course.

A utility that’s gaining popularity is foldable accessories. Be it a foldable bed fit into a wall or dining tops drawn from a wall, the uses of minimalist design concepts are gaining new milestones with better widespread acceptance.

So what do you think about the trends of 2017? Would you make your own findings to add to these? Well, a thought about better and smarter features for interiors is so desirable and fascinating, we’re sure you can’t wait to get started!

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