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Interior Designing Trends: Top Tips from Experts

interior designing

An expert’s method of getting the work done always stand much better in comparison to the best DIY (Do It Yourself) job you do in designing your interiors.

Though it’s said that internet has plenty of innovative ideas to design and decorate homes, the best results come with some involvement of an expert.

As for the trending best practices, here are some top tips from experts of interior designing to make you confident about your interior design plan as an enthusiastic learner.


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Space Management


Managing space ideally depends on furniture and accessories we use. For a small space it would be undesirable to fill it with big sized furniture. For large spaces, keeping medium or small sized furniture clustered or too far from each other also shows bad design.

Interior designing colleges in India follow a technique of creating miniatures of small spaces for interior designs. This is one of the long gone techniques. Experts suggest that renting a space and allowing designers to redesign that space will precisely give them the idea of how to do it in the real scenario.


interior design colleges in India


Colour Themes


Colour themes for interior design keep changing with the times and seasons. But experts guiding students at top interior design colleges in India say that use of selective hues can improve the effects of applying a colour theme for interiors depending on trend or seasons.

For instance, a blush effect can be created by using millennial pink on cupboards. The kitchen cabinets or windows of your living room can keep the natural green alive no matter what season you have.

Interiors that are all white creates a relaxing retreat. But lack of variety in colors can make the interior uninspiring.


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Metallic Accessories


Accessories that are made of gold, brass, silver, bronze, copper and rose gold are trending now. Experts say that from among these, copper is one of the best picks. Copper accessories like kitchen utensils, chairs and even walls can be seen in many modern homes, especially that of celebrities.


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Textures, Layers and Patterns


When it comes to textures in interiors, the overall look of an interior comes into consideration besides the individual textures of walls, laminates and furnishings.

A new trend of textures according to experts is having textural fabrics with contemporary woven metallic designs on the walls and furniture. Embossed surfaces, three-dimensional finishing and metal detailing add the factor of layers to the interiors.


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Other Points


This include design choices like keeping minimal or basic furniture and having plain coloured screens. Using floor decals is another trend. These are part of designs that are far from being ostentatious, defining an understated elegance in terms of interiors.

Experts advise that interior decoration courses should stress on these kinds of points for the students to understand designs deep enough so that they create meaningful interiors.

These are some valuable tips and information from experts around the world. You can get started and give a makeover to your favourite space with help and advice from experts.

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