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Jewellery Desiging Verticals: Handmade Jewellery

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Jewellery can be broadly categorised into many types. Each piece of jewellery is unique in terms of its style, cut, and value. People often buy jewellery based on their status, requirement and use. For example, gold and diamond jewellery are specifically used for weddings and other occasions because of their value. This kind of jewellery falls under the category of precious jewellery.

Similarly, jewellery made of terracotta, ivory, lac, etc. can be categorised as handmade jewellery. Artisans who make handmade jewellery craft it with great precision. Also, the time invested in making such jewellery requires patience, attention and dedication.

In many jewellery designing institutes, an exclusive class on handmade jewellery is taught. Jewellery designing being a creative and lucrative career has given a new perspective to students to craft out unique pieces.

The best thing about handmade jewellery is that most of them are light-weight and can be easily accessorized with any outfit. Once you develop the knack of creating one, you have the leverage to personalize it the way you want.

When talking about jewellery designing, Hamstech is one such renowned institute known for its jewellery design course. Hamstech’s jewellery design classes not only assist students in making personalized handmade jewellery but also teaches them other aspects of jewellery designing.

Today, handmade jewellery is considered more of an investment because of the following reasons:


‘Handmade’ as the name suggests


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As the name suggests, handmade jewellery is actually made by ‘hand’. There is no machinery involved in its making process. Every piece is carved, soldered, sawed and chiseled by hand. Therefore, time invested in developing each piece is much more as compared to machine manufacturing.

Time is money

As no machinery is involved in making handmade jewellery, every minute counts. Developing every piece by hand takes incredible time. Depending on the design of the piece, an artisan can take weeks or even months to craft a single piece.

Precision is the Key

Every piece created by the artisan is developed with great precision and planning. Here precision is the key to develop a masterpiece. When creating a certain piece of jewellery, artisans and craftsmen put in a lot of their time, which in a way adds a personal touch. A bond is created with every piece.


Quality of Material


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When it comes to handmade jewellery, every raw material is handpicked. High-quality material is used unlike mass produced jewellery where cheap metals are blended.

In most jewellery design courses, students are given hands-on training to select and use material to design jewellery. Material sourcing is also taught because choosing the right material for the right piece is very important.

Creating Sustainable Jewellery

Creating sustainable handmade jewellery has always been a top priority for any artisan. As high-quality material is used to develop each piece, sustainability is the driving factor. Today many small scale handmade jewellery makers focus on creating authentic and unique pieces of jewellery.

Quality of the Finished Product

Handmade jewellery makers mostly produce superior quality jewellery. They do not compromise on the quality of the product. In small scale units, it’s very easy to trace the quality of a product right from its beginning to end. This makes handmade jewellery unique and retains its quality.


Value for product  


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Be it any form of jewellery, we all value its maker. Since every jewellery is carefully crafted, the value for it certainly goes up. As handmade jewellery is the new rage, employment opportunities have also grown tremendously.

Even today, artisans who can chisel beautiful pieces are valued for their skill. No handmade piece can be compared to something machine made.

If you love handmade jewellery, a jewellery design education can surely provide you with the desired skill you’ve been looking for. So seize this opportunity to enroll with an affiliated institute, put in some hard work and carve your name on a timeless piece of jewel.

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