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Jewellery Design: A Look at New Age Jewellery

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So there’s a ‘new age’ discussion that crops up every time it comes to talking fashion and style. It could be someone’s attempt to do a makeover or another’s concerted effort to be with the latest trend in town!

Jewellery design is also an area that gets its due share of trends that forms your jewellery choices. Today, women are making choices that often stand different from what’s traditionally suggested for them.

In this new age, fusions are trending, personalised jewellery is the norm and futuristic jewellery is catching up in jewellery design. The evolution of jewellery design does come under the parlance of jewellery design course curriculum across institutes.

So let’s check what exactly has new age jewellery in store for us.


The Material for Making Jewellery


The times have not yet passed when the mention of jewellery still pops up gold and silver ornaments in our heads. But beyond this obviousness, the practice of making jewellery out of practically any material including plastic, steel, wire, shell, beads, wood, strings and even feathers, makes jewellery designing come full circle with reference to its creative basics!

The spectrum of new trends range from the likes of tassel jewellery and paper jewellery which are probably the most innovative, to fusion of gold and silver in artistically rich jewellery pieces.


Shaping it New


Ah! Talk about the shapes and patterns jewellery is taking these days! The new generation has happily started their tryst with unconventional and innovative designs that are quite expressive and also symbolic! The concept of symmetry has taken new forms and asymmetry also has become a style statement.


Bolder Colours


Colours are no more an issue with the fading out of conservatism from mainstream jewellery choices. Today, bolder colours and matching colours for attires as with the right shade of a necklace or an earring, are very much in vogue.


Quirky Jewellery


It’s amusing to see that jewellery that are designed on totally peculiar themes are also catching up really well! Online jewellery stores have promoted this trend greatly! So there’s more of stuff like leaves, flowers, butterflies, beetles, snakes, owls, guitars and pretty much everything that has your fascination appearing on jewellery! Even jewellery design courses are urging and helping learners make such unique designs!

So now, it’s your turn to explore the new age jewellery. Find your favourite part of it and go flaunt your attitude.

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