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Jewellery Design: A Retrospection of Ancient Greek Jewellery

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Jewellery dates back to the time when it was made of natural elements such as flowers, leaves, rocks, bones, etc. Back then, every civilization was known for crafting distinct jewellery pieces specific to their culture.

Among the many ancient cultures such as the Byzantine, Roman and Egyptian, the Greek culture niched a mark in the jewellery world. Ancient jewellery holds great relevance in history as most of it forms the basis of the modern-day jewellery. For a jewellery design student, a basic knowledge of ancient jewellery can help build a strong foundation.

If ancient jewellery fascinates you, then a good suggestion will be to pursue a jewellery design course. The course will give insights and train you in designing jewellery from different civilizations. Read on to know more about Greek jewellery.


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Greek Jewellery- History


The magnificent era of Greek jewellery began with the reign of Alexander, the Great. It was during the Greek rule that Hellenistic jewellery became popular more than art and sculpture. Greek jewellery flourished in various regions of Greece.

The Greeks were known to adorn themselves with heavy ornaments. Ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, armlets, anklets, wreaths, etc. were embellished with rich and expensive gemstones.

Gemstones were something the Greeks were extremely fond of. Emeralds, pearls, amethysts and diamonds were also sewn on fabrics and various garments to enhance the look.

The Greek era was a time when jewellery was given high importance. It was often used as offerings to Gods and Goddesses. Women in particular gifted jewellery to their daughters for their wedding. Jewellery was considered as a timeless accessory passed from one generation to another.

Learning about ancient Greek jewellery in jewellery design classes holds more value as the sessions are a blend of theory and practical. The practical exposure imparted through workshops and industrial visits is a major learning platform for students. A student can learn the intricacies of jewellery making by interacting with various craftsmen.


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Evolution of Greek Jewellery


It was during the 27 BCE that the ancient Greek jewellery came under the influence of the Roman Empire. The Roman jewellery was more opulent as compared to Greek jewellery. Only experts could view the innate characteristics of Greek jewellery to tell apart from Roman jewellery.

Coming to jewellery that was designed and crafted for personal use, keen attention was given to make sure it was durable. Personal jewellery was crafted with precision and skill. The Greek artisans were very creative and sculpted figures, mythological stories, heroic scenes, etc. on different ornaments.


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Greek men wore pins on cloaks that were studded with expensive gemstones. Greece tremendously benefitted from the Silk Route as major imports of precious stones arrived from regions such as Asia, North Africa and Egypt.

As a career, jewellery designing is booming. Today, lots of jewellery design institutes are imparting diploma, degree and short-term courses in jewellery making. Enrolling with a renowned institute can pave a way to a successful career.

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