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Jewellery Design: All About the Beautiful Floral Jewellery

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Floral jewellery is beautiful, delicate and very elegant. In the ancient times, women would adorn themselves with different types of floral jewellery. Earrings, maangtika, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. are some of the common floral jewellery worn by women on various occasions.

Even in the modern times, floral jewellery is preferred for occasions such as mehendi, baby shower, haldi ceremony, etc. Learning the art of handcrafting floral jewellery in jewellery design classes would surely enhance your creativity.

Following are different types of flowers that are used to make floral jewellery


Types of Flowers Used


Every flower has its own fragrance and beauty. There are many flowers that grow only in specific region. In India, marigold, sunflower, jasmine, lotus, etc. are commonly found.

The best thing about marigold and sunflower is that they last long compared to other flowers. It is for this reason that most people prefer these flowers.

In a jewellery design course students are trained to craft different types of jewellery. From floral, molded to metal, every type is technique is taught.


Types of Floral Jewellery


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Gladiolas are the best flowers for maangtika. The flower sits perfectly on the forehead. Gladiolas come in different colours such as white, yellow, pink and red. These flowers are strung with pearls or different beads.


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Floral earrings are not only pretty but also lightweight. Jasmine and other small flowers are used to make earrings. Danglers crafted from fresh flowers always look alluring. You could wear one of these to a mehendi ceremony.

If you are keen on learning floral jewellery, a jewellery design institute would be the best choice to take your talent forward.


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Hand Harness


The hand harness is a popular bridal jewellery. Small jasmine buds clubbed along with one prominent flower is used to make it. However, the jasmine flower can remain fresh and smell good only for three-days.

Other types of floral jewellery include neckpiece, anklet, armlet, etc. Flaunt your creativity by making different types of floral jewellery.

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