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Jewellery Design and Retailing: the way forward

Jewellery designing

Jewellery has always been an integral part of the Indian culture. The jewellery industry is dynamic and fast growing. Despite the challenges, this industry still holds lots of opportunities for aspirant designers.

Over the years, the jewellery sector has undergone consequential changes as a result of consumer demand and the industry. Jewellery designing is a very responsible role that needs lots of dedication, knowledge and skill.  Therefore, individuals and companies who have been into the jewellery business must keep themselves abreast with the latest technologies and trends in order to thrive.

In a jewellery design course, students are taught everything from the basics. Jewellery retailing is an important topic that’s a must-know for every student. This course prepares students on how to design and retail jewellery. Students are trained on the latest technology through academic and practical knowledge. The industrial exposure given to the students makes them confident thinkers.

Following are few guidelines on how jewellery take this creative career forward:


Jewellery designing: a lucrative career


jewellery design course


Jewellery designs that were popular 20-30 years ago are back in trend. These designs are fast picking pace and are more prominent in the industry. Therefore, if you have the designing skills, you can pave the way.

Most materials used in jewellery making only appreciates in value. Hence, there is the least risk involved when it comes to pricing. Here, the demand for jewellery is directly proportionate to the price. So in case, if there’s less demand you could still benefit by selling the metal.


Scope for Jewellery Designing


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Jewellery designing is a vast field. Based on your skills, you need to decide your area of expertise. A career in jewellery designing involves:

  • Jewellery Consultants
  • Fashion Jewellery Designers
  • Accessory Designers
  • Jewellery Retailing
  • Freelancing with a jewellery brand or a designer


Jewellery Material

The raw material used are gemstones and client’s choice of metal i.e. gold, silver, platinum etc. These raw materials come from their specific mines.


Gemstone mining

Countries, rich in natural resources such as India, Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. have large mining operations. These countries are a huge source of precious gemstones. Once these gems are sorted they undergo a physical test that includes the density, size, cut, colour, etc. After this, the gem further undergoes a chemical test that defines its quality and purity.

These procedures then make it suitable to be used for various jewellery styles.


Metal mining

Metals such as gold, silver, tungsten, platinum, etc. that are mined from various countries also go through a quality check. These metals are thus used to manufacture various types of jewellery.

Therefore, a clear understanding of various types of raw material used in jewellery making is important. This knowledge can help you in evaluating the right jewellery even for yourself.


Jewellery Processing

Before reaching the retailers, every piece of jewellery goes through various stages. The first most basic and important stages in jewellery processing are cutting and polishing and the second process is metal finish.

Gemstones go through various filters. They are cut and polished to suit different designs. Similarly, metals also need a final finish. Once the process for gemstones and metals are complete, they are selected for a particular design.


Jewellery Retailing


jewelry design school


When it comes to big brands, they make their way to international markets but with small retail brands, they simply go unnoticed.

Therefore, small retail and local brands can become famous only through industry consolidation. In industry consolidation, big jewellery brands acquire small retail brands to help them sell their product.

It is predicted that by 2020 most local and small retail jewellery brands will get acquired by big brands. Sometimes, this may pose a risk to small retailers as they may not be able to solely earn the profits and name.

Though jewellery designing is a competitive career, it still has a positive impact. In this fast paced era, you need to be flexible and adapt to new business dealing. You may also have to closely collaborate with brands and retailer to understand the intricacies.

The above guidelines and the evolution in the jewellery sector can help you shine and stand out from the rest.

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