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3 Mistakes in Jewellery Design A Beginner Should Avoid

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Do you dream of becoming a Jewellery Designer? If yes, then it is very essential that you know all the techniques that will help you design unique earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and so much more.

You can join Jewellery Design courses in Hyderabad and learn all about this art from professionals. You should be skilled enough to avoid making mistakes that will spoil your hard work. With proper guidance, you can learn the art of crafting timeless jewellery pieces yourself.

Here are three mistakes in Jewellery Design you must avoid as a beginner:


Improper Wire Cutting

Learn how to properly use your wire cutters. These will have two sides: the front and the back. Flush cuts, as opposed to pinched cuts, are what you’ll want. To make straight flush cuts, use the back of your cutters to cut your wires. Join Jewellery making classes and learn more from experts.

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Uneven Uniform Loops & Final Pieces

Uneven loops and finishes can make your final pieces look cheap and unprofessional. But as beginners, it is often unavoidable to end up with loops of different sizes. Experienced jewellery makers recommend making markings on your round nose pliers. With a permanent marker, mark the size of your first loop on your pliers and follow it as a guide for the remaining loops. Experts at Jewellery Design institutes say that a tape can also be used to do this. Another tried and tested tip is using a necklace and bracelet board. They will keep your beaded designs even and symmetrical.

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Not Using Recommended Materials

Most beginners follow tutorials to craft jewellery pieces. To get the closest results from the pictures, you should use the recommended materials like bead, string, wire size and not deviate too much from them. Some beginners make the mistake of trying out tutorials but do not use the recommended materials. It’s probably because they don’t have them on hand or have run out of it.

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