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Jewellery Design Facts: Few Jewellery Myths to Debunk Today

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Do you believe that diamonds are indestructible? Do you think that biting into gold tells you if it’s real?  Most of you have our own theories, some of them being common myths. Some don’t matter much, but many others are critically dated to be disbelieved.  So are you ready to break the myths clouding the facts about jewellery?

Learning more about gemstones, metals and other materials in a jewellery design classes is one way to destroy these false beliefs. Jewellery myths are important to know about so that you can outsmart a few traditional smiths who just carry on the trade and do not deal with the truth.  As a student in jewellery designing courses, you are bound to learn the facts about jewellery so that your customers can be reassured about their jewellery.

To make you, an enthusiast of jewellery design, better informed, let us now proceed to debunk a few jewellery myths.


Myth: Gold Comes in Different Colours


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Well, nature gives gold only in yellow. The varieties of gold in different colours are the result of deliberate mixing of other metals in different proportions to pure gold. They are then not pure gold but alloys. The different metals that are combined to form these alloys with gold includes iron, aluminium, copper and silver.


Myth: Pearls can be Dissolved in Vinegar


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Yeah, it’s true that pearls can get dissolved in vinegar but not instantly. Long periods of keeping pearls in contact with vinegar can affect it. But it does not dissolve quickly ever unless the pearl is crushed and powdered.


Myth: Custom Jewellery is Made exactly As You Want


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Unless your design idea as a customer suits the making of custom jewellery, a cent percent accurate crafting of a suggested design is impossible. Also, crafting a design onto a jewellery is a focused, painstaking effort that could take days to weeks, given the complexity of design.


Myth: Diamonds are Indestructible


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Of course diamonds are tough having high tolerance levels on a Mohs Scale. But it’s not true that they are not even damageable. Every diamond can be scratched and damaged by another, tougher diamond. In fact, this scratch test among diamonds can actually prove the quality and hardness of each diamond.


Myth: Biting into Gold can Reveal if it’s Real


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The bite test is crude and can only tell the difference between pure gold and mixed ones. This is because pure gold is very soft. But any mixed gold, as those used for jewellery, are generally hard enough to resist a bite. So if you’re keen to know about gold purity, try more scientific methods of purity measurement.


Myth: Diamond is the Rarest Gemstone in the World


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Not really. Diamonds, except for the coloured ones, are more common in comparison with rarer gemstones like painite, bixbite, jeremejevite, serendibite, musgravite, benitoite, taaffeite and grandidierite.

Feels good about debunking few myths about jewellery? The more you do your own research about gemstones and metals, you’ll be more confident about using them for designing. That’s a sureshot way to show your true appreciation for jewellery.


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