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Jewellery Design Guide: A career as a Fashion Jewellery Designer

jewelry design classes

Jewellery design is all about creativity, skill and precision. In a creative field such as jewellery design, artisans are required to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to create unique and beautiful ornaments.

Jewellery design has been practiced since ages. Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women adorned themselves with jewellery. Bones, stones, rocks, leaves, etc. constituted as main components of jewellery making. Gradually with the evolution of time, artisans started using precious and semi-precious gems and stones to craft exquisite ornaments.

Today, jewellery design has gained momentum and is a much sought-after career. There are many career opportunities in jewellery design such as jewellery consultant, fashion jewellery designer, accessory designer, etc. Among the many, fashion jewellery designer is the most preferred.

Here’s a guide on how to get started with this career.


jewellery making classes in hyderabad

Begin Early

Some of the leading jewellery design institutes like Hamstech Institute of Creative Education offer a certificate course in jewellery design.

A student from any stream can pursue this course. However, an added advantage would be if the student has a background in creative art.

When it comes to a creative career, a fair sense of creativity is required. All other aspects can be eventually worked on.


jewellery design courses


Is this the Right Career?

Before you make jewellery design as your main stream career, ask yourself if you have the mind frame for it. Having a creative imagination and being able to visualize a product is important. Technical knowledge and skills can be gained in jewellery design classes.


Budget for the Course

There are many jewellery design colleges in the city offering this course. The course price may vary with the college. Therefore, you need to choose a college that offers the best course curriculum at a reasonable price.


jewellery designing


Job Opportunities

Jewellery design has boomed over the last couple of years. As a main stream career, it has many job opportunities. Once the course is completed, a student can assist a jewellery designer, work as a freelancer or even join a jewellery store, etc. There are numerous choices.


fashion jewellery designing course


Growing Demand

Jewellery design is a growing sector especially in India. India has one of the best jewellery markets. The jewellery in India is intricate, well-crafted and high in demand.

Today, jewellery has become a style statement and many people are conscious of what they wear. There’s jewellery designed for every occasion and mood.


Market Growth

India is one of the biggest consumers of gold. Many famous jewellery designer such as Suhani Pittie, Nirav Modi, etc. have their roots in India. The Indian gems and jewellery industry provide huge employment opportunities. India is a country where a person has huge opportunities to learn and grow.

Unlike the earlier times, today there are numerous jewellery design institutes offering this course. Considering the above guidelines, you can now make a choice about taking up jewellery design. Do a thorough review of all colleges and make the right career choice.

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