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Jewellery Design Guide- Buying Jewellery for Yourself

jewelry design classes

Jewellery shopping for yourself can be an overwhelming experience and fun too. But how many of us are actually confident of picking the right piece? Buying jewellery is also a skill because it requires a basic understanding of gemstones, metals, makings, etc.

Pursuing a jewellery design course helps in identifying the various types of precious and semi-precious stones and metals used in making ornaments. Here’s a guide on how to buy jewellery for yourself with confidence.


jewellery designing


Go with a small purchase


If this is the first time you are purchasing jewellery for yourself, it’s best to go with a small purchase. First give it a shot with ‘costume jewellery’ as they are stunning and you’ll get it in different styles.


jewelry designing courses


Do your Research


Before you head-out straight to the jewellery store, make sure you research on the kind of jewellery you wish to purchase. Check out the different types of gems and stones available.

For example, if you want to pick a gold ring, there are numerous designs and styles available. First, check out the purity and price tag and then decide if you want to purchase the piece or not.

In jewellery design classes, under the subject ‘Gemology’ students are trained on how to identify the purity and colour of different gems.


jewelry design school


Understand your Style


First you need to be sure of what kind of jewellery you prefer- modern, traditional or fusion. So whatever kind you select, make sure it suits your personality. Investing in a timeless piece is something that will last really long.

Jewellery designing is an art and there are styles suitable for every person. So be a smart shopper and go with an ornament that will blend seamlessly with every outfit.


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Budget Shopping


Since there are unlimited choices, the best is to set a budget. If you have a fixed budget in mind it will narrow your purchase options. Firstly, understand your finances so you can buy the right jewellery without compromising on other aspects. If this requires you to wait for couple of months, it’s definitely worth the wait.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now! Use this guide as a checklist so that you can purchase the right jewellery for yourself. Happy shopping.


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