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Jewellery Design Guide: How to Choose Accessories for Your Outfit

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Many of us are often in a dilemma that what kind of jewellery would suit a wedding, party or casual outfit. Considering the wide choice in jewellery, we mostly end up selecting the wrong types which eventually ruins the total look.

In order to avoid such blunders, jewellery design education is important so that you get basic understanding of jewellery selection and matching. Below are few guidelines on how to choose accessories to match your outfit.

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Jewellery for the Occasion

One of the biggest mistakes people make is pairing the wrong jewellery with an outfit. It’s very important to keep the occasion in mind when accessorizing your attire. For instance, if you are going to a wedding and you decide to wear a deep neckline blouse, choose a statement neckpiece that’s spread out and heavy to go with it. This combination will certainly work well.

On the other hand, if you are attending a party, wearing delicate jewellery makes more sense. Simple ear studs, a fine chain with a pendant or a simple bracelet adds suitably to the look.

For those of you who have been part of jewellery design classes must have learned how to illustrate and design different types of jewellery for different occasions.

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Be Aware of Different Options

Jewellery comes in different sizes, shapes, textures and colours. It is best when you are aware of different options for rings, chains, anklets, bracelets, earrings, etc. Every jewellery item has its own importance, value and need. So, no matter what kind of jewellery you choose, it must compliment your overall style.

In a jewellery design course, students are trained to design different types of jewellery. Such a course also gives them the required exposure by interacting with artisans and craftsmen on various types of jewellery.

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Choose Jewellery According to the Outfit

Jewellery is rated based on its colour, weight and scale too. On black, white or neutral coloured garment, mostly any kind of jewellery stands out. In case you’re wearing an outfit that’s bright, subdued jewellery is suitable. On the contrary, if you’re wearing an outfit that’s heavily embellished, then simple jewellery will suit it the best.

Be Creative with Jewellery

In many cultures, wearing all-in-all gold, silver, copper, etc. is a taboo. Now, the latest trend is to mix and match, be it with different outfits or jewellery. You can easily play around with different jewellery colours, sizes and shapes. For example, you can wear multiple chains of different lengths, bangles of different shapes and rings of different metals.

Jewellery designing is an art. If you are one of those blessed with the creativity to do jewellery designing, it’s time to make it your profession.

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Make a Statement

A rule of the thumb is to never smother your look with jewellery. This will only make you look like a jewellery shop or worse. Try and select one type of jewellery that will stand out and make it your defining piece. Just one statement jewellery is enough to make a difference. For example, with an ethnic outfit you can wear heavy chandelier earrings. With a western outfit you can wear a bold bracelet. With a fusion-wear you can wear a belt that’s prominent in size.

Keeping the above jewellery design guide in mind, make every outfit special!

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