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Jewellery Design Guide- How to Select Ancient Jewellery

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Nothing can beat the design, style and look of ancient jewellery. The artisans and craftsmen back then were gifted with the unique quality of crafting exquisite jewellery. Right from headgears to anklets, every ornament was crafted with precision and patience.

Every ardent jewellery lover must possess a decent collection of antique ornaments as it’s worth the keep. Antique jewellery is indeed delicate and beautiful, therefore one must be selective in wearing it.

Here’s a simple guide on how to select ancient jewellery.


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How Often You Wear?


Ancient jewellery must be worn only to selected occasions such as weddings or cocktail parties. The reason being, the jewellery is delicate and there are chances of ruining its look with regular use.

An ancient necklace can be worn as a statement jewellery to a party. Be it a traditional or a western attire, one bold neckpiece is all you need.

Intricate artwork is often taught in practical sessions in a jewellery design course. Such sessions develop a student’s ability to design and craft fine jewellery.


Jewellery Pricing


When it comes to ancient jewellery, there are chances that the prices will be on the higher side. However, if you attend exhibitions and shows you could find it at a lesser price too.

Bold finger rings look amazing when worn to a cocktail party. You could actually choose to wear it with a gown or a designer saree.


Material Used


Most common materials used for jewellery designing were gold and silver. These metals were considered as status symbol. Apart from these metals, copper and bronze were also used.

These days, a lot of modern ornaments are replicated in different metals, inspired from ancient jewellery. You can select an antique stone and embed in an antique ring, bracelet or neckpiece.


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Observe Symbols


Ancient ornaments were engraved with symbols and motifs such as animals, flowers, Gods and Goddess. You can choose a piece that can gel with any outfit and be suited for various occasions.


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Know the Age of the Piece


Before you actually select a piece, do a thorough research of how old the piece is. The older the ancient jewellery is, more the value.

History of ancient jewellery is a must-know subject. In a jewellery design institute, a topic on ancient jewellery helps students take inspiration to recreate unique pieces.


Stay away from Fakes


If you want to buy an original piece, you must then approach the right source. This is where your knowledge about ancient jewellery comes into use. The more you read and study ancient jewellery, the better is your understanding about it. You will eventually be able to distinguish the real one from the fake.

Use the above guidelines to make the most of your ancient jewellery shopping. These guidelines will help you make the right choice and you can also take pride in your selection.

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