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Jewellery Design Guide: Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Must Own

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Need we ask what a woman’s best friend is? Yes, the popular adage says it’s a diamond. Well, it proves one point doubtlessly that jewellery has a big role in a woman’s life. It adds a glow to her face and sheen to her smile.

The manner in which women select and buy jewellery is influenced by many factors, including their traditions, trends, the love of gold or gemstones and a desire to make a style statement. When you are involved in jewellery designing as a discipline of study or a profession, you get to know those few essential pieces of jewellery that are recommended for every woman.

While doing a jewellery design course, you’d have a systematic understanding of the basic types of jewellery, their scope of design, the level of acceptance and the trend of use of every variety.

You as a jewellery designer should be equipped with the knowledge of jewellery varieties that every woman must and deserves to own in her lifetime. So, here’s a list of few must-have jewellery pieces for women.

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The Studded Ring

We all know the significance of a wedding ring. Rings are worn for different purposes and are means of expression for many.

A studded ring is a special ornament that showcases positivity, affluence and beauty. Gemstones are the most popular studs that we get to see. Pearls are another choice of studs that women and even men wear in their rings. The gemstones are also worn in rings as birthstones. But whatever be the choice or reason, a studded ring does add great beauty to a woman’s hands.

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Pearl String

It is well-known how Indian women love to wear chains that are golden, big, customary and pricey. But a graceful neck piece has a lot to do with pearls. The poise given by a pearl string, simple and suave, is unparalleled compared to any other ornament you may wear. If you have not owned a pearl string yet and tried the power of a pearl, we recommend you to buy one.

jewellery making classes in hyderabad

Gemstone Pendant

In India, women are used to wearing lockets. But how about pendants?

A pendant differs from a locket. A locket provides a backdrop for holding pictures, idols or etchings. But pendants are essentially gemstones or any other meaningful symbolic artefact hung on the chain. Break free of the rigid choice of a chain with a locket, and add a pendant to your jewellery collection.

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Diamond Stud Earring

A simple studded earring with a pearl or bead in it is simple and stylish. But a diamond stud earring has a glitter and glam that is incomparable and earns more admiration than any big gaudy earring that you may wear. Have a diamond stud earring in your jewellery set and shine bright on any occasion.

At Hamstech Institute, jewellery designing courses introduce students to a variety of such essential ornaments and trains in the craft of designing them.

Now that we have brought you a list of essential jewellery to own, it’s time to plan buying one if any of these are missing in your jewellery box.

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