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Jewellery Design Ideas for Men’s Fashion

Jewellery designing

Those were old times and old fashion, when men and women wore similar ornaments and carried it along with pride. But the trend of jewellery for men has not completely disappeared, but has resurfaced in different ways, with evolved tastes and styles.

Jewellery designing is commonly attributed to women. But the scope of jewellery for men is nonetheless significant. Today’s men have style statements in jewellery that are unique, and resonate a different set of values than women. Jewellery design courses give great importance to this category of jewellery.

Let’s start with a brief about jewellery design for men, considering what men are trying to convey with their jewellery, let’s see what men’s jewellery constitute. Take this topic to your jewellery design classes to discuss with your friends.


Jewellery design courses




Watches are doubtlessly the most relatable piece in men’s jewellery. They serve purposes beyond being timekeepers. A man’s watch divulges his sense of style, attitude and social status.

Watches of metallic build and colors viz. Steel, silver or gold that are thick, round and heavy exudes a sense of masculinity. Dials with Roman numbers adds to it.

Metallic straps are preferred for a feel of power while leather straps are preferred more by  professionals who seek comfort and class.

Geeky watches like smartwatches are styled up with colourful straps and dials. For men who believe in brand power, wear the brand name or logo with pride and of course style.


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Next to watches, bracelets carry a man’s desire to connect with an inner feeling or give out an inspiring ideal. Simple and minimal bracelets are best for men. They may be worn stacked up if it matches the attire and the watch.

Wooden or leather bracelets go well with formal outfits. Wooden beaded jewellery possibly bear a hint of spiritual inclination while braided leather bracelets denote a sense of art. Metal bracelets are considered a better match for business wear.




Modest, plain and carefully matched earrings can in fact look great on a guy! Though a hard choice for formal wear, choosing earrings for personal styling can still be done with good thought and consideration. Carrying the jewellery without the inhibitions works. Earrings maybe suggestive of a man moving beyond rigid gender moulds.


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Rings are worn for obvious reasons or out of choice. Married men wear rings to mark the commitment. Single-band, smooth and plain rings are best for men, be it in gold, silver or other metals. Non-metal rings are fancy and are good for informal occasions. In formal circles, stacking up rings, selectively may help.

Wearing rings on different fingers reflect different attitudes or meaning. Rings with inscriptions are a statement style. Custom-made rings show a free-soul finding meaning far from refinement.


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An accessory with formal wear, it’s mostly worn on French cuff dress shirts. Cufflinks can be simple or with designs or inscriptions to bring in personalisation. It’s always worn with a suit and it helps you stand out. The best make of cufflinks are in classic styles like gold, silver, matte or metal.

So with so much said, if your love for jewellery design is strong, ponder on what best you can imagine for men’s jewellery. And add to this fascinating facet of jewellery design.

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