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Jewellery Design Study: Why are these Jewellery Brands Famous?

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From the age of goldsmiths to the days of corporate jewellery brands, our fascination and loyalty to makers of jewellery have only soared in time. By learning about successful brands, a jewellery designer can evaluate themselves too.

A jewellery design course introduces the students to scenarios and case studies on jewellery brands and how their products’ status grew to benchmark levels.

Every jewellery design student can get inspired from a jewellery line design. Observing them from a critic’s perspective helps to decipher the reasons for their success.

The jewellery brands that enjoy international fame and success do so by virtue of their innovation, consistent standards and key features. It’s of relevance in a jewellery designing course to observe and learn these brands and their USPs. These brands have built their identity in the jewellery domain with a legacy that’s worth exploring as part of jewellery design education.




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Bvlgari’s iconic products have a class of their own. It’s products exclusively use gemstones and place them into gold or other metals which are a variance from the traditional choices of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Stones like blue turquoise, Cabochon and purple amethysts are chosen for the colours they add to the jewellery.


The Serpenti


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Bulgari’s Serpenti design was crafted into jewellery to emulate the sliding movement of a serpent. The concept has been applied to necklaces, bracelets and wristwatches. The coils of the Serpenti are made flexible for ease of wearing and sensuous style.


The B.Zero1 Collection



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This collection from Bulgari, introduced in the year 2000, merged the designs of Tubogas motif and the Roman BVLGARI logo. The jewellery is inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, apparent from the stark lines of the collection.


The Bvlgari Blue

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It’s a two-stoned ring, each a triangle-shaped diamond. One is white diamond and the other is a very rare, Fancy Vivid Blue diamond. The unique design and the worth of the diamonds make this jewellery line exclusive.


Tiffany & Co.


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Almost two centuries of existence of this brand boasts of a lot of advances and exclusivity. The brand has a pioneering history, starting with their deflection from the old fanciful European designs in favour of natural and elegant designs.


The Tiffany Engagement Ring


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The Tiffany engagement ring materialised the idea of setting the diamond on the ring totally visible and allowing light to shine through every part of it, making it uncommonly shiny. This is unlike the prevalent designs that encased the diamond on the ring.


Standard for Silver


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Tiffany is a pioneer in the standardisation of silver in jewellery making. It was the first to support the Sterling standard in Europe, playing an important role in establishing the United States Sterling Standard in 1851. Tiffany was also the first to recommend for a uniform metric carat weight system for diamonds.




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Cartier is a Paris based luxury goods conglomerate company, that is famous for its jewellery and wristwatches. The brand has a history of making exclusive jewellery for the royalty and celebrities.

Cartier was the first jeweller to successfully make Platinum jewellery. The company’s founder, Louis Cartier, was the first designer to popularise wristwatch for men.


Cartier Love Bracelet


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The Love Bracelet was designed in 1969, which was inspired by the chastity belts used in the ages of the Crusades. The bracelet, meant to be gifted to a lover, constitutes a solid cuff with screws and a lock mechanism. A screwdriver comes along with the bracelet which is for the significant other who’ll be the only one who can open the lock.

The bracelet thus was designed on a concept of fidelity which was the base of the original inspiration- the chastity belt. The bracelet is made in gold or platinum and is especially popular among couples.

The study of successful brands essentially helps jewellery designers to acquire insight and realistic planning in establishing a brand with products based on original ideas and concepts. In a domain like jewellery design, establishing a brand takes a lot of effort, transparency and genuine class. These qualities go on to instil faith and brand loyalty in the customers in the long run.

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