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Jewellery Design: Taking Inspiration from Nature

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Nature is bountiful! We all take inspiration from nature to create something of our own. Be it any form of art, in some way or the other nature is reflected in it. The best example of this is jewellery.

We have a very close relation with jewellery which dates back thousands of years. Jewellery back then was made from natural elements that were easily found in nature such as stones, rocks, leaves, twigs, feathers, etc.

Jewellery created from these natural elements was valued and adorned by both men and women. Since then jewellery designing has been continued for generations as a form of art and creativity. Here are few types of jewellery inspired from nature.

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Pendant Made from Rock

They say “imperfection is the new perfection”. This perfectly applies to the rocks and stones that we find in nature. Pick any rock that you see, though irregular in shape it holds a subtle beauty.

Gather few rocks of different shapes and sizes and string them together with a wire. Their actual beauty lies in its crudeness. Make a stunning neckpiece which goes well with a Boho outfit.

Jewellery designing is an art which can be mastered by pursuing a jewellery designing course. In such courses, the faculty also concentrates on the ancient and modern techniques which form the basis of jewellery making.

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Earrings Made from Leaves & Flowers

If you’ve ever read mythological stories or watched movies, you should have noticed characters such as Lord Ram, Sita, Shakuntala, etc. adorned in jewellery picked from nature. Nature was their jewellery box and they adorned themselves with it very gracefully. Flowers, leaves, grass, etc. were strung into necklaces, earrings, finger rings, anklets, armlets, etc.

In jewellery design classes, students are often taken on outdoor visits where they take inspiration from nature, architecture and other monuments to design unique jewellery pieces.

These days dried flower jewellery is trending. Flowers of different shapes and sizes are used to make beautiful ornaments.

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Jewellery Made from Beehives

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Be the trendsetter! Don a neckpiece, earrings or just a bracelet made from a beehive. The beehive is cleaned well and polished with metallic paint to increase its strength and durability. Its natural irregular shape is something that adds beauty to the ornament.

If you want to use the hive as a pendant, then you need to pass a fine chain through one of the gaps. In case you want them as earrings, pass a hook through the gap. So, there are many ways in which you can make different types of jewellery with the beehive.

Such intriguing methods are taught at jewellery designing institutes that also offer short-term and weekend courses. For those of you who are unable to pursue a full-time course, can actually opt to be in a short-term jewellery designing course.

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Bracelet with Dried Fruit Seeds

Dried fruit seeds make the perfect bracelet. There are few fruit seeds that are tiny and look very attractive when half-bloomed. These seeds are vibrantly coloured and strung together. Make a stunning entry to a beach party in a bracelet made with dried fruit seeds.

Jewellery designing is not always about using gemstones and precious metals. You can make beautiful jewellery by using what nature has to offer. Just a little creativity is all that’s needed.

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