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Jewellery Design- Tips for Summer Jewellery

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With the temperature soaring, it is not only important to pick the right clothing and accessories, but also jewellery. Summers are that time of the year when you want to be dressed in loose and comfortable clothes. However, when it comes to selecting jewellery for the season, you could probably follow the trend of ‘less is more’.

Selecting summer jewellery can be real fun but at the same time a challenge. Here are few tips on how to pick your summer jewellery.


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Vibrant Hues


Summer is all about adding splash of colours not only to your clothing but to your jewellery as well. As you head out to the beach or a vacation, pick bright jewellery pieces that match your beach wear. Say for example, a huge pendant or earrings in colours such as orange, yellow or red coral. Go with stones like coral, turquoise or amethyst that can add fun to your clothing.

It is important to have a basic understanding of gems and precious stones so that you know which ones to pick. Students pursuing a jewellery design course are trained on how to identify various types of gemstones. This training further helps enhancing the skills.


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Gems look great with just about anything. You can style it for a casual as well as formal occasion. You can choose jewellery styles like beaded chains for a beach party and Swarovski crystals when dressed for a formal dinner.

Gemology is an interesting subject that gives an in-depth knowledge of various types of gems. Renowned jewellery design institutes have this as an important topic in the curriculum.


Sea Jewellery


Pearls and Corals top the list when it comes to sea jewellery. These can be embedded in pendants and earrings which would certainly bring out its actual beauty. Pendants in shapes like sea-shells, fish, sun, etc. are fun.

Jewellery designing is all about creativity and skill. With a professional course, you too can make brilliant styles.


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Hoop Earrings


One of the most versatile earrings are the hoops. You can choose from small to real large ones. Pair them with loose summer outfits like kaftans, palazzos, etc. So perfect your summer look with hoop earrings.

Keeping the above tips in mind, now you can choose the right jewellery to make your summers fun and special. So, are you now ready for summers?


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