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Jewellery Design Tips: Jewellery Remodelling

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Jewellery fashion has been evolving through generations, changing with time and people. An heirloom once in our possession creates a conflict in our heart, we are torn between preserving it for sentiment’s sake and our desire to alter it to make it more wearable. A decade-old jewellery piece however pretty might not be apt to your current tastes, in such cases you are inclined to remodelling.

Jewellery remodelling is a process similar to giving a makeover to existing jewellery to add value and beauty to the piece. Jewellery remodelling may also involve some restoration, as old jewellery can possibly have missing parts or dull finishing. Remodelling is a practice perfected in jewellery designing courses where you will learn the creative methods of bring life to old broken jewelry pieces.

Here are a few tips to get you started with jewellery remodelling as you explore this exclusive area of jewellery designing.


Reconsider remodelling


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There’s nothing wrong with remodelling, the key is to not rush into it. Resort to remodelling only if it becomes absolutely necessary to improve on the design or work on the quality of the piece. The reason is that remodelling can cost considerably high and with no value addition and well-thought of designs, the remodelled piece could end up looking worse than before.


Plan the Activity


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It’s absolutely necessary to have a clear picture of what you are attempting by remodelling. If the wearer is trying to fit into a fad after seeing a movie star’s jewellery, he/she better be sure that the piece of inspiration suits him/her in that exact form. Remodelling must be done specifically for the wearer with his/her physical features and tastes kept in mind.

Good planning avoids errors like making a thin ring made for a thick finger. Each of the wearer’s requirements has to be understood clearly. This allows you to decide what has to be implemented and what has to be rethought about. You should start working on the jewelry only after reaching an agreement of ideas and procedure with your client.


Remodelling is Recreating


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Remodelling is not a success until the emotion, relevance and meaning behind the original jewellery is recreated with a new sheen and splendour to it. Your challenge as a jewellery designer will be to capture the essence of the current piece of jewellery and redefine the same by adding to its value and design. Think about embellishing an old ring with gemstones along with repolishing.


Be Clear About the Budget


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Before starting with the remodelling, you and your client have to be very clear about the cost of the work planned. If the client can contribute elements like stones to the work, it can save on the cost. Be sure to communicate if you need to change the metal entirely or only a part of it. If a coating of gold or silver will suffice, there will be no need of spending heavily on recasting.

The creative aspects of jewellery remodelling can beautifully preserve an ornament’s legacy and introduce an element of modernity along with a fresh charm to it. It is one of the most popular and creatively fulfilling area to explore too.

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