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Jewellery Design Trends: Arm Cuffs- A must-have Jewellery

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Jewellery has the ability to attract just about anyone. Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women have adorned themselves with different types of jewellery. Jewellery has been a part of the human race since centuries. There are numerous types of jewellery designed and worn for different occasions.

Be it any type of ornament, an artisan’s skill and precision required in making it is 100%. Among the many types of trending jewellery available today, arm cuffs have gained immense popularity. Arm cuffs are popularly known as armlets. These are available in various designs, sizes and styles.

So let’s check out few interesting arm cuff styles.


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The Bohemian Style


This season, why restrict yourself to just the regular styles? It’s time to experiment with new ones! The Bohemian arm cuffs are extremely trendy. You could learn to create your very own arm cuff in jewellery design classes. Wire is one of the most common materials used to craft arm cuffs, as they can be easily moulded and shaped.

Try the Bohemian style where you can add few beads, feathers and thread tassels to give it a Boho look.

Style Tip Wear the Bohemian arm cuffs with a sleeveless floral dress.


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The Refined Arm Cuff


This is something you can get done by your trusted jeweller. A sliver coated arm cuff with studded stones or on a motif can look great.

A wonderful way to learn about the making of jewellery is to join a jewellery design institute. Learning through such institutes gives the desired exposure and knowledge.

Style Tip- Wear this sparkling arm cuff with an evening gown. This is all you need to enhance your look!


The Casual Arm Cuff


The casual arm cuff can be worn with just about any casual outfit. For those of you who have heavy arms can go with the adjustable kind. The casual arm cuff is mostly made of soft metal with interesting detailing. Abstract motifs such as peacock, flowers, etc. are commonly seen on arm cuffs.

Style Tip Wear a long gathered skirt teamed with a high-neck top with cap sleeves. The arm cuffs can be on the upper arm.

Arm cuffs are indeed a must-have! Style these with your favourite pair of clothing and enhance your look.

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