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Jewellery Designing: 3 Easy Handmade jewellery making ideas.

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In the world of DIY, even jewellery making has made its mark. With so many DIY project online, a jewellery enthusiast can find a hard time to decide what project to take up. How about you try these quick and easy projects.

When you are doing a jewellery designing course, it’s essential that not only you learn designing, sketching and manufacturing exquisite pieces but also crafty costume jewellery. These pieces are fun to make and there are a lot of people who will be willing to buy these designs from you.

So let’s begin:


Polymer clay bead necklace.


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You’ll need:

Polymer clay.

Acrylic paints.





Roll out the clay and divide it into small quantities.

Add color to each section and make balls of each color in different sizes.

Use a toothpick to poke a hole in them.

Let it dry overnight. Once dry, string the beads on to the cord in any combination of colors you like and secure the ends together.

Your necklace is ready. In a jewellery design course, you will learn a lot more fun techniques, designs and patterns to make with polymer clay.


Wire wrapped charm necklace.


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You’ll need:

Crystal rock.

18-gauge Silver/golden plated copper wire.

Jump rings and fasteners.

Silver/golden slide chain and round nose plier.



Hold one of the wire securely at the back of the crystal.

Wrap the other end tightly around the crystal in a desired pattern.

After a few rounds, bring the wire to the back and join it with the end making a loop.

Add a jump ring to this loop and put the chain through.

Now finish with jump rings and fasteners at the end of the chain.

You can make so many different patterns with wire wrapping. Wire wrapping is one of the most popular topics taught in jewellery making course in Hyderabad.


Silk thread embellished bangle.


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You’ll need:

Silk thread of your favorite color.

Plastic or wooden bangle.

Writing pad, scissors and fabric glue.

Sticky crystals and beads.



Wrap the silk tread around the writing pad 20 to 30 times.

Hold the threads together and add glue.

Wait for it to dry and cut just below the glue joint.

Hold the glued ends together and paste it to the insides of the bangle.

Carefully wrap the threads around the bangle till it’s completely covered with silk thread.

Secure the end on the inside of the bangle with glue.

Now add your choice of crystals and beads all around the bangle. Your colorful silk bangle is ready.

These statement DIY jewellery and much more are part of the curriculum in any jewellery design course. There are a lot of techniques for a simple step but all are worth learning. Jewellery can be a great way express your style. A simple handcrafted accessory can speak volumes about your style.

I’m sure you can’t wait to try these projects. Go ahead and let your creativity show through your designs.

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