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Jewellery Designing: 7 Useful Tips to know in Jewellery Retailing

jewellery designing

Among many creative careers existing today, jewellery designing is a very prominent one. Starting from the smallest, simplest piece of jewellery to the most complex one, the process requires the skill, precision and craftsmanship of the people involved. Right from a jewellery illustrator to the final retailer, every person plays a significant role in the process.

Being a vast business that it is, jewellery designing today is on a rise offering many career opportunities including jewellery consultant, accessory designer, fashion jewellery designer and jewellery retailer.

In the entire process of jewellery making, a jewellery retailer is the final person involved. The sequence of stages in the process goes like jewellery illustration, moulding, casting and metal filing, gemstone embedding, quality check and retailing.

Here are few useful tips for a jewellery retailer to make the business effective.


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Give Personal Attention


With so many online stores available, jewellery business is only getting tougher. The main advantage of a walk-in store is the personal attention a customer gets when walking into a store.

At one point in time, a jewellery retailer had to concentrate on guiding customers more in terms of the 4 Cs of jewellery – colour, clarity, cut and caret. However, today customers look forward to a different shopping experience. A jewellery retailer has a bigger role to play by paying keen attention to customer experience along with the technical guidance provided.

Ways of approaching customers, cracking sales deals, etc. are all part of jewellery design course.


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Acknowledge Customers


When a customer walks into a store, the first thing to do is to greet him/her with a welcoming smile. With such an approach from a retailer and staff, there’s no way a customer won’t be impressed.

As a jewellery retailer, always treat your customers with respect and acknowledge their needs and suggest them products and solutions. Create an environment that will make them feel comfortable and well-attended so that they prefer coming back to you.

In Jewellery designing institutes, jewellery retailing is dealt with an important topic among others.


Know Your Customer


Customers come with different needs. Some come to shop for wedding jewellery, some for buying a valuable gift, while few are totally clueless about what they want to buy! As a jewellery retailer, you must actively understand the customers’ needs. So, first listen to them and then help them with their jewellery needs.


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Create a Personal Rapport


Creating a personal rapport will work to your advantage as it can enhance your sales. It will also create goodwill for your business and brand. As a jewellery retailer, you must establish a relationship by asking apt questions such as, “What kind of jewellery you’re looking for?” and “For what occasion is the jewellery required?” If the customers feel that you understand their needs better than they can tell you, it earns you valuable patronage. Give your suggestions on what will suit them and also what’s trending. This way, you would successfully create a valuable customer base.

By attending a course in jewellery designing you get an opportunity to learn much more in jewellery designing classes. The practical exposure gained through site visits, workshops, shows and exhibitions leads to making you a successful designer and retailer.


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Create Social Media Presence


Today, almost every business has taken to social media. Brand presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can help you to build an online network and reach out to huge number of potential customers. So, if you have come up with a new jewellery design, put it up on these social networking sites. This will surely get everyone’s attention and uplift your brand’s popularity.


Create Effective Marketing Strategies


Always keep yourself abreast with latest developments in the field. Come up with new marketing strategies that can attract customers as well as boost your sales. Regular shows and exhibitions are a good way to reach out to many people. You can also come up with sales offers, gift vouchers and other similar attractive options as part of your marketing strategy.


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Let the Jewellery Do the Talking


Sometimes it’s best to stop praising the product and let the jewellery do the talking. Allow the customer to explore and admire the jewellery. For all you know, the piece is bought by its own virtue! Give attention to effective visual display and consciously plan and maintain it according to trends and season.

These are just a few tips that you could help you become a successful jewellery retailer. There’s a lot more that can be learned with experience.

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