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Jewellery Designing Guide: All About Belly Chains

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It always feels nice to get dressed in Indian ethnic wear especially decorating yourself with jewellery from top to bottom. Jewellery brings a new attraction to the look. There has been a constant effort in making new kind of jewellery and setting new trends from time to time.

History speaks of the grandeur of conceptual jewellery worn by the queens and people of those times. Jewellery makes a mark, creates a style and an outlook for your fashion.

It is not easy to understand that jewellery is not about wearing something that goes with your dress. There is a why and how, jewellery could actually create a style statement. It depends on jewellery design and the way it is designed to bring out the beauty of it.


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Today’s topic is all about the belly chains and how they have evolved to be an integral part of jewellery design to wearing it as a style statement.

You might wonder why are belly chains are important to achieve the primary beauty of wearing jewellery. As you go through this write up you will understand it.

During the olden days wearing jewellery was an adornment to women. To be a woman is to dress yourself in a way that shows it all. From that time belly chains have a prominent role in the kind of look that was preferred. You also have to understand that there is a special way of jewellery designing to design belly chains.


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You cannot image a look of a Goddess without a waist chain or a belly chain. A belly chain of Indian jewellery is called vaddanam.

The popular term for vaddanam in English is belly chain or waist chain. Belly chains are also used by men in olden days.


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Usually belly chains are made of precious metals like gold and silver. Brides of India especially South India wear vaddanam as a part of their wedding attire. This states that vaddanams or belly chains are only meant for special occasions and goes only with ethnic wear.

Latest trends of jewellery designing has brought a dramatic change in belly chains. The phase of thick vaddanams has become a thin belly chain to suit western outfits as well.

Some people use navel piercing to attach the belly chain permanently. It can also be detached whenever needed.

Belly chains have changed so much that it can also be worn as a chain slipping from the shoulders to the waist. It is not a distinctive belly chain but may be a fusion of a neck chain and a belly chain.


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You can get to know the trends of these kind of transformations in the different types of belly chains by going through the content of a jewellery design course.

Many jewellery designers also suggest that a jewellery design college will keep in track with trendy jewellery designs that hit the market.

This is little that can help you to understand the trends in belly chains from its inception to the way it has modernized to suit any kind of output.

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