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Jewellery Designing Guide: Facts About Diamonds

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Diamonds are one of the most precious things in the world and believed to be the traditional symbol of love. Conventionally a man proposes to the love of his life with a diamond ring.

Diamonds are valued high and considered as the heavenly stone by many in the jewellery world. It’s a popular metaphoric practice to compare a very valuable person to a diamond.

Diamonds are special for its scientific and industrial value. The laity follows the romantic ethereality created by jewellery traditions and trends around diamonds.


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It is amusing to know that diamonds were very precious and were used for a variety of purposes in olden days.

Here are some lesser known facts about diamonds.

In a niche field like jewellery making or jewellery designing, diamonds are the most honoured and valued stones. They are basically composed of carbon compounds and are considered as the hardest natural substance in the world.


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The scientific definition of a diamond says that it is a covalent bond and face-centred arrangement in a cubic unit cell formed by the tetrahedral co-ordination of a carbon atom surrounded by many other carbon atoms.

As diamond is one of the hardest natural substances, it was used for many other purposes throughout history. It is said that Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial burial axes made of corundum, which is the second hardest natural substance in the world. These axes were only made with diamond abrasions.

Diamonds are also used for industrial purposes like cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing.


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It was at a later point of time in history that jewellers started using diamonds in jewellery extensively. A jewellery design with diamonds studdings is priced high and has a lot of market value. Jewellery designers use qualities of shine and cut of refined diamonds to craft fabulous jewellery that entices people with its beauty.

Diamonds were also very rarely found and it was only much later that we could mine diamonds in larger quantities as is done by the mining industry today. Its rarity in the old times made them unimaginably precious in those days.

It’s general knowledge imparted at a jewellery design school that large amounts of diamonds are mined every year and are stockpiled today by many top diamond retailers across the globe creating an artificial scarcity.


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This however do not completely deny the fact that there are some exceptionally valuable diamonds like The Cullian Diamond, the largest rough gem diamond that is 530 carats, The Koh-I-Noor diamond that is 186 carats and The Hope Diamond that is 132 carats. These are some of the most precious and highly priced diamonds in the world.

Koh-I-Noor was originally 186 carats but it was refined and cut for Queen Elizabeth reducing its weight to 108 carats.

If you are really interested to know more about diamonds, consider joining a jewellery design course that can provide you with knowledge about diamonds along with many other precious stones.

Truly, diamonds are one of the most fascinating creations from nature. Diamonds truly dazzle the jewellery world.

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