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Jewellery Designing Guide: Health Benefits of Wearing Jewellery

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Surely, improving health with jewellery sounds like a good deal! Though not many think in those lines before wearing their favourite ornaments, fortunately, a lot of health benefits are accrued in the process of using jewellery, especially those crafted in certain metals.

If you learn a little more about jewellery’s health effects, you can find out the advantages offered by each type of jewellery, crafted in different metals. Sounds interesting? Well, it only goes on to be amazing.

While a lot of jewellery designing focuses on the artistic aspects of the crafting of jewellery pieces, realising additional benefits of jewellery can help you better appreciate jewellery making. A jewellery design institute ideally gives this idea to students and makes jewellery design also a proven way to better health and life quality.

On a traditional level, the practices in jewellery design has had a lot of underlying understanding of the health benefits of jewellery. The elder generation had real purposes behind selection of material used to make ornaments. It is only fair that jewellery design education has these know how passed on to the new generation.

Let us check out certain health benefits of wearing jewellery and find out the real reason behind the feel good factor of wearing different types of jewellery.


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When Gold Heals


Yes. While a heart of gold heals and consoles a lot others, pure gold itself has the ability to aggravate the healing process of wounds and sores if applied in such areas. Being also a de-stresser, gold is a metal that has no negative effects on the body upon exposure to it. It can even regulate the body temperature  and give body immunity a boost.

Gold is usually worn as a large variety of ornaments including chains, bangles, earrings and bracelets.


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Silver Against Microbes


Silver maybe the coolest precious metal out there. But it has the additional benefit of being an effective antimicrobial agent that helps us tackle colds, flus and skin problems. It can regulate body temperature and protect us from effects of radiation from electronic devices.

Silver, besides used in the normal ornaments, can be worn as gloves or eye masks, giving benefits to specific body parts.


Copper Kills Pain


With anti-inflammatory properties, copper when worn as a bracelet of any other suitable ornament can cause significant reduction in inflammation and pain. This comes as a great relief for people suffering from ailments like arthritis.

Besides benefitting from the metal’s properties, types of jewellery can also have a profound effect on our health.


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For example, rings (viz. Engagement rings) worn on the fourth finger induces a massaging effect with constant friction on the vein to the heart, improving health and give emotional balance.

Earrings worn on the earlobes has acupuncture benefits, elevating qualities like intellect and mental focus.

Bangles (especially the gold or silver ones) have positive effect on the blood circulation and benefits the energy flow in ones body.

Jewellery like magnetic wear and gemstone designs also give the benefits of increased energy regulation and positive mentality. A good amount of research and study has been employed in this sphere of knowledge which is providing life-changing benefits to people.


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